🎨 Hey, look what I just received? A XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro tablet! XP-Pen sent me this tablet for free in exchange of a video review on my channel (using GNU/Linux and Krita), so expect to see that coming soon. Blog-post about this sponsoring:

@davidrevoy which distribution are planning to test/use?

Been putting an eye on this brand for a while, looking forward to see your experience on Linux!👍🏼

@Quiralta Yep, same here. For the Huion WH1409, I gambled around 120€ of my pocket (to not use it) so I wasn't really motivated to try that from my pocket on another brand, especially on a large one (probably around $1000USD ).

Testing it will spice my evenings this week. 😊

@davidrevoy a big graphic table to just draw stickmen and to play osu!
sounds fair enough :blobcatjustright:

@davidrevoy Hâte de voir la review 😃
Le chat s'occupe juste de faire le buzz 🙃

@davidrevoy wow nice!
are xp pen natively supported on linux? Or do you need to install a third party driver such as digimend?
Will be looking for the review video 🙃

@newokmyne Thanks! They propose a proprietary driver with an impressive list for distributions, I never saw that on other tablet brand so it is a good point (even if it is proprietary).

I have no idea how Digimend might support it; but I'll also test it.

@davidrevoy I have a huion tablet which works fine with the digimend drivers, but i read a topic saying that it's creator will stop supporting new tablets... :/
That's great that XP pen makes a linux driver ^^

@davidrevoy Can I have the tablet after that cat eats you? (It clearly wants to)

@davidrevoy's cat: just look at the size of that thing! I'll really be able to stretch out on it - so much more spacious than a keyboard!

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