Nice review David! I like the idea that works with Digimend, definitely a budget brand to keep in mind! 👍🏼

@Quiralta Thanks! Yes, exactly. I'll try my best now to advice them to invest their budget and development resources into Merge Request for Digimend instead of their in-house non-free and closed driver.

They could even fork Digimend and release things on the top if they need control over the release process; I would still be happy as long as they use standard and publish their code under a decent license 😋 (and seriously, 80% of the work is done on Digimend...)

Most definitely! Huion did I remember, hopefully by reaching to you could mean they were planning on really approaching the open source community. 🙂

I did not know that Huion may be interested in open source! I would be so happy if the stylus of my large Huion was properly detected on Linux 🙂

@Petit_Lutin @davidrevoy yes, they sponsored Digimend, I'm not sure at what extent and for how long, but they wanted one of their low end tablets to be fully functional on Linux I remember, huion has gone up in price though, 😐

@davidrevoy Thank you very much for your blog post. I own an Innovator 16 and could not enable the second pen button yet, but I think with you insightful instructions I might finally get it to work.

Very useful and honest review:). I hope they take some of your advice, it would be to their advantage.

@lps Thank you! That was a diificult excercice. 🙂

@davidrevoy What we can expect if they gift you the tablet? A bad review? Je.

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