@citizenK4te Haha, au moins, je me sens moins seul en voyant ça 😉

img descr :
Un strip de Pepper & Carrot.

1 : "To-do list to start the new year", we see a LOT of bullet on a black board.

2 : Pepper: "I'm sure it can be done in 1 week".

3 : Pepper with an axe, she have destroyed the board of to dos and leave, with anger, watched by a stunned Carrot

@davidrevoy I read it like "todo" in Spanish, which means "all, everything". Considering my to-do list size, it is appropriate

@davidrevoy The only valid item in any todo list is to not make a todo list.

@tykayn Ok, +1 item on my list 😂
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I curate ToDo list od ToDo lists FIR Yeats already. Everything under control!

@davidrevoy TODO: laisser un message montrant mon appréciation pour l'artiste et la personne.

@davidrevoy TODO: not to get despaired over the multitude of my TODOs.

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