@davidrevoy yea, some numbers and how that is trending would be nice

@Nasher @Whidou

Bon courage à vous deux.

Je ne pense pas avoir les épaules pour pouvoir aider dans l'administration et/ou la modération de l'instance.

Je vais continuer à être une généreuse mécène pour aider l'instance :blobcattea:

@theadvancegirl @Whidou Le jour où tu veux t'impliquer davantage, ça me fera plaisir d'avoir une équipe de modération inclusive/plurielle.

@davidrevoy now i want to learn to paint 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Cryptocurrencies have a bad standing here on the fediverse.

I decline.

@davidrevoy I had only recently joined a relay on redpanda, and the sheer flood of traffic in the last two weeks ate my server and I had to roll back

@davidrevoy Ooh, this is really cute! 😀 But what are those cool floating islands with the cozy trees?

@MalteHollmann The islands represents the three (first) worlds of Contributopia: contributopia.org/en/ ; a campaign for the not-for-profit popular educational organization Framasoft (French, around Free/Libre and Open Source Software, but not only, so much more). I illustrate their campaign, blog and services (Peertube/Mobilizon/etc..) More artwork in the same vein: peppercarrot.com/en/files/fram

@davidrevoy Aah, I see! Thanks for the clarification! I came across some Framasoft projects the other day but didn't have the time to dig deeper. But it all looked like promising stuff!

@davidrevoy I really like the composition and the elements you draw !

@davidrevoy Definitely - and I'm glad I stumbled across your profile here after losing sight. Enjoying Pepper&Carrot a lot.

@davidrevoy awww thank you 🤩 A good image of the feeling as admin

@davidrevoy this would be the perfect default wallpaper for the upcoming Fedora release😃

@chrisjimallen The sources are here: peppercarrot.com/en/files/fram , all CC-By and with enough pixels (check also the categories if you want). Feel free to pick and adapt the one you want, I'll be very happy. (also: peppercarrot.com/en/wallpapers )

@davidrevoy thanks this is awesome! I’ll send you a screenshot 🙏👌

@davidrevoy this is very beautiful....

and also very very accurate. xD

@davidrevoy @djotaku This is awesome! Dang, too bad it's not 3840x2160. It would look beautiful as a wallpaper.

Thanks for your hard work @davidrevoy

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