@davidrevoy so beautiful ❤️ it reminds me zelda awakening's island and now have the starting song of the game on my gameboy ☺️

@cwebber 🤣 haha, thanks.
It's one Zelda game I never played. But I remember the screenshot and teasers from that time. This one had a very specific art-direction and I'm really curious about it.
I still have a Wii here, and I just saw that buying a Gamecube controller (compatible) is still cheap. Also, the game can run on the Wii and controler can connect. Yay. But, I just had a look at the price on Ebay of Zelda Wind Waker gamecube disc... they went so pricey! I'll try to look somewhere else.

Time for asking your community for a favour! :D

I'm sure someone would pay it for you if you would ask.

@davidrevoy don't you want the Wii version? looks like you can get it for $40 USD @cwebber


Oh a Wii version existed? I thought only a Gamecube (compatible with Wii) then a "Wii U" version (an HD adaptation), but I don't have a WiiU.


@davidrevoy ah, OK. I thought the Wii U was Wii because the "U" doesn't look like a letter to me

@2ck @davidrevoy They're mostly the same game except that the Wii U version adds a feature to the boat that lets you remove some of the sailing parts that many players found tedious (and the graphics are upped, a bit better textures, a lot more glow effects)

However I found that the sailing between islands was... nice. It was so relaxing! When I was in college sometimes I would boot it up and just sail around and move the camera in circles around my boat to destress, land on random little islands, and just goof around, maybe find something cool in the process!

@2ck @davidrevoy And yes, it's the Zelda game with *the best* art style, IMO. And I think you'll find that your drawing looks an *awful lot* like a combination of the second and third major islands you travel to in the game. But don't look it up. Just play it and see if you agree!

(It's also the Zelda game with the best soundtrack! Well, Breath of the Wild is good too. I put both of those on as background hacking music a lot!)

@cwebber @2ck Nice. I just saw it was adapted as a remake in 2022 for the Switch ( youtube.com/watch?v=2-cpQYs6PQ ) . Finding a refurbished Switch on the second hand market might be not too expensive to play it. And I'll can also try BOTW maybe.

@davidrevoy @2ck BOTW is good fun. It's a lot more open-ended than other Zeldas. I don't think it's as good as Wind Waker, but it's also not something that really bears comparison so maybe that's not fair... it's different, they're both good.

@davidrevoy @cwebber @2ck@qoto.org Wind Waker is not on the Switch. That video is unfortunately not real.


Oh thanks for the info! I had no idea this one was a fake.


@cwebber @2ck @davidrevoy I played an enormous amount of Wind Waker (GameCube + GBA side screen). Not sure I ever completed the main quest, but I liked just sailing & fighting & looting.

Down side, you had to have Tingle along to get a lot of the loot.

@cwebber @davidrevoy
I do appreciate the art for what it is, but I think being partially raised by Monkey Island (only the first two parts exist) made me appreciate it even more. 😉

@davidrevoy This looks stunning! 💚⛵🏝️

Is there any chance this painting exists in a 16:10 ratio? Otherwise my screen will have to live with a background with black vertical bars left and right. :)

@floppy Thanks! I prepared a little something last night to adapt it, I'll post it now. 😉

@davidrevoy Oh, that is a beautiful landscape!

Your other illustrations look awesome too!

@davidrevoy 🤩 Amazing, thank you so much for going the extra mile!

@davidrevoy Toujours aussi splendide, merci ! Merci pour votre art et votre engagement dans la culture libriste 😊

Ha génial 😍
je me disait justement quand j'ai vu la 1ere version que ça ferait un superbe fond d'écran.

Merci @davidrevoy

@davidrevoy Amazing 🎉 Congratulations for your work 👍 I download it 😉

@davidrevoy Fantastico, ilustraciones excelentes, krita fabuloso

@davidrevoy wow, that’s beautiful! By the way: Are you in contact with the folks from The DORP? They created an RPG based on classical JRPGs and the graphical style could be a good match: die-dorp.de/index.php/artikel/

@ArneBab Thanks Arne! I'm not in contact, but we have a passion in common for Secret of Mana I guess. The aesthetic of that time had a big footprint on my style and with time, I'm more and more heading to this art-direction without even thinking because that's my happy place. 🙂

@davidrevoy Then it’s no wonder that I like your art so much. The first song I ever wrote was about Seiken Densetsu 3 :-) (secret of mana 2)

You can listen to it on draketo.de/english/songs/light

@ArneBab Thanks! I really like the second one too; I also liked Legend of Mana. But I never played to Sword of Mana on GBA or the Dawn of Mana on Ps2 (but I remember I always was very interested by its graphics).

I haven't explored all the possibilities with all characters on Seiken Densetsu 2; it's one I could play only on Emulator; but I keep a very good souvenir about it. And the songs, the design, the graphics... I so wish I could one day be part of RPG like that 🙂

@davidrevoy I did not play all, but in hindsight I realize just how much they did right.

Today we talk a lot about having both genders as playable characters. Then I look at SD3 and realize that they had 6 characters — 3 male, 3 female. With awesome plotlines.

@davidrevoy They even managed to have personalized plotlines (not just experiencing the male story, but better looking, but rather experiencing a story tailored to the specific character) without having their plot complexity explode.

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