I just published my 1h22min video
"Tutorial: an Illustration from A to Z with Krita"
It's a real full lenght course suited to beginners, but also advanced digital painters. It starts from scratch with default brushes, pref' and breakdown all the process:

▶ Peertube: check @shichimi (soon, still transcoding)
▶ Youtube:

Big thanks to the team, btw. (also and Krita). 6h of rush video: epic editing, trimming and rendering.


@shichimi Kdenlive is so good. never expected to find professional, open-source editing software in my life. Totally watching this after work, thanks for making this!

@davidrevoy you had me at “suited to beginners”. Thank you!

@davidrevoy @shichimi awesome thanks a lot, I'm gonna watch it tonight 😃

@davidrevoy @shichimi beautiful!

This makes me even stronger in my opinion that we NEED kreta for iPad! 👍👍☕☕

@davidrevoy @shichimi amazing!!! Thanks for putting such a great video together. Had to be a ton of work!

@davidrevoy le chapitre 1 donne déjà plein d’infos super. Merci pour cette vidéo

@fl0id Thanks! I use a 10 years old Wacom Intuos4 XLarge with DIY improvements: converted from 4:3 to 16:9, using overlay of Huion WH1409, and a special mapping. But in a nutshell, it is really near to a modern Wacom Intuos Pro Large.

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