@davidrevoy nice! that looks kinda like marsey :marseyexcited:

question, when you make a mistake do you press Ctrl+Z or do you have some kind of keybind to one of the pen buttons or something else?

@straw Thanks! She is Plemora Tan, well a project I do to adapt her in my style 😉 git.pleroma.social/pleroma/ple

About Ctrl+Z, I only simplified the shortcut to Z key alone. It comes from the default of the shortcut keys layout of Mypaint. Quicker and simpler ☺️

@danslerush @davidrevoy yeah those colours really burn

You get frostbyte by looking at it because it's so cool

@hj Yes ☺️ I'm trying to adapt her to my style. Cool character design, but I'll probably skip the print on her kimono with the big Plemora logo so it looks less than a promo shirt on the illustration. On a painterly artwork, it will probably look more artistic.

@vyivel @hj 🤯 🤯🤯 Oh wow. I see ( git.pleroma.social/pleroma/ple ) Thanks for telling. 💚

For a reason I always shuffled the 'r' and 'm'. No idea why. Ok, I'll try to remember the mnemonic like in " Aroma', Pleroma.

Good to get this info before posting the real one with a big mistake in the title.

Thanks for preventing this!

@davidrevoy @vyivel @hj I used to do the same at first, it's a common thing! Though maybe it affects French people more than others... :nkoThink:
@davidrevoy @hj No worries, I was making the same mistake at first myself :nko3c:
@davidrevoy @vyivel it's ok, many of us lovingly call it "pomelo" every once in a while.

if you need more references there's new artwork by @pipivovott here https://git.pleroma.social/pleroma/pleroma-fe/-/tree/develop/src/assets

as well as older one by setzeri.

hair accessory differs between who you're asking - very very old (and lost to time) original artwork used :joulutorttu: (finnish christmas pastry) but people complained it looked like something offensive, some people substitute it with a paper windmill, but most popular option seems to be nondescript swirly thing... personally i prefer :joulutorttu: because it's tasty.

@hj @vyivel @pipivovott

Thanks for the links and good job pipivovott on the recent artworks.

I put a dried flower in her hair, but it's on the defocus side of the portrait, so it suggests something pointy and pale yellowish but it is not clearly identifiable. (I love the aesthetic of dried plants, a sort of "autumn nature gothic" vibes in them 😆).

By the way, for the license I know Pleroma Tan is under CC-By-Sa, but what is the content of the original attribution? "pleroma.social" ?

@davidrevoy @vyivel @pipivovott honestly, I don't really know. We were never organized enough to care about licenses and such, and our... founder is MIA. I guess you can attribute to pleroma.social. Maybe @Moon can say better IIRC he commissioned THE first pleroma-tan.
@hj @davidrevoy @vyivel @pipivovott @Moon No, the license is properly handled I believe, see the COPYING file! Pleroma-tan images are CC-BY-SA-4.0 to shitposter.club, as far as it seems, and the shy one is CC-BY-4.0.
@helene @davidrevoy @vyivel @pipivovott @hj no attribution is needed for original drawings of pleroma-tan, just if that original image was copied or modified directly would i ask for attribution.
@helene @davidrevoy @hj @pipivovott @vyivel hey helene can you copy the previous message to him that he doesn't need to attribute us? I think oour servers may not talk.

@helene @vyivel @pipivovott @hj @Moon
Mmm... If the original is CC-BY-SA-4.0 "shitposter.club" , then it's recursive and the derivation of the shy one has to be also CC-BY-SA-4.0. It can't be more open under CC-By-4.0 (just saying).

Too bad the attribution contains the word "shit", that might deboost a lot my art on other social media when I'll have to attribute.

I'll look at the COPYING file ☺️

@davidrevoy @pipivovott @hj @Moon Doesn't that apply if you modify the original image or redistribute it? 🤔 Nevertheless, Moon has the saying in the license, I think; many people abbreviate his instance name to SPC, you might prefer that :nkoThink:

@helene @pipivovott @hj @Moon

Thanks! (and message from @Moon ) well received.

Now it's clear. I'll post mine as
"CC-BY-SA-4.0 David Revoy, pleroma.social" , so I'll keep the spirit of the Libre license, point to the project, and avoid the 'shit' word 😉 If you agree and like it, feel free to advise the same practise for future authors on git.pleroma.social/pleroma/ple

@helene @davidrevoy @pipivovott @hj if he would like to attribute (not necessary, though) SPC is fine.
@davidrevoy @hj @vyivel this isnt a comment on your art, just the software, your rendition is lovely

@pipivovott ☺️ Yes. Lovely design, I had references on my disk and it was on a to-do "maybe someday" for a very long time. I hope I'll do her design justice painted in my style.

@davidrevoy it already looks amazing, i can't wait for the finished piece!! i adore your art style and your works, so when i saw that you started painting her i've actually screamed IRL :niceembarrassed:

@davidrevoy beautiful 🤩
Can you please recommend good drawing tab for beginners. Thanks!

@shresthkumarlal Thanks!
Sure! I haven't tested them all, but from the one I tested that offers a good quality/price ratio, I advise this one davidrevoy.com/article870/revi
Just keep in mind my review was for GNU/Linux OS, I have no idea about the quality of the driver on Win or MacOs... In short: any good medium-size tablet (~21cm large for the active surface), and even better if you can put your hand on a Wacom (but that's often another budget). Here I use a large one, very large.

@nartagnan Merci!
Je me suis aidé du dernier filtre de Gmic "Vibrance" qui boost tout comme il faut les couleurs. Chouette outil.
Je l'ai fini hier soir, je reprendrai un peu le dessin avec des yeux frais en fin de journée après mes commandes en cours. J'ai hâte de partager le résultat.

@davidrevoy C'est extraordinaire !!! Vraiment incroyable de voir ça ; et les couleurs !!! :neko_star_eyes: :neko_star_eyes: :neko_star_eyes: J'aime beaucoup trop !!!

@davidrevoy more beautiful than anything I have ever drawn and I practiced quite some time

render me impressed and in awe of ur skill

@davidrevoy what drawpad do you use?
I always felt like there is a big disconnect between the "paper" and the "pen"

I feel like having a drawpad with display (e. g. MS Surface, X220T, ...) would really help me cognitively

because I CAN draw a straight line or circle or draw a shade of a cylinder. But really I just miss every time I start a new line. What am I doing wrong?

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