CC-BY-SA-4.0 "David Revoy,"

(CW: eyecontact)

@davidrevoy oh lol nvm, that was completely different pic until it loaded.

@EffToyz Hehe, no problem. I see what you mean: the thumbnailer of my blog center x and center y before doing a 16:9 crop, and it resulted in ... Probably your instance had same cropping settings 😆

Mascots for software should be adorable cartoony critters (Think Tux the Penguin) or the like, not waifus.
That’s a battle that you’re never going to win, on the fedi anyway.

@Ruq @davidrevoy no, but i asked for permission to print it. it's FOSS licensed. you can reproduce things without being the author. you just have to credit them.

@thor @Ruq @davidrevoy don’t you have to credit them to share the image too?

@thor @davidrevoy Please include the license. This is CC-BY-4.0 SPC, Nightingale.
@davidrevoy rad!
I remember suggesting Pleroma-tan to you during Le Capitol Du Libre 2019, glad seeing it :pleroma_fox_tan:

@duponin Oh yes, I remember it too. I had many request for her. That was the year you recorded the interview?

Next one, maybe Sara the elf, OpenGameArt mascot ☺️

@davidrevoy you remember yay ^^

it was that same year. Would you like the record? (didn’t I sent you the link or anything? :bunthink: )

@duponin Oh I remember I listened to it already. No need to listen again, I have a bit the voice mail syndrome while hearing my own voice 😆

@davidrevoy ah nice, I thought I forgot sending it to you

I understand what you’re saying, I painfully understand it :blobcatsweat:
@davidrevoy This is seriously the most powerful pleroma-tan I've ever seen! Thk you for this and thank you for sharing it! ❤️

@davidrevoy re: your text description. thats a qipao/cheongsam (same garment different Chinese language) actually, not a kimono.

@oct2pus Ha, thanks for checking and reporting. Sorry my poor vocabulary.

Now I see that with the accurate vocabulary, I could have found so many more cool ref. 😅

@davidrevoy Gorgeous! Almost wants to make me use Pleroma... but only almost. 😉

@davidrevoy i like how fierce and confident she looks. gotta be my favorite pleroma-tan :joulutorttu:
@davidrevoy nice drawing,

yeah but it is not a kimono it is a qipao (Chinese dress) Amazing! 🤩

Drawing of Ai (Misskey mascot) when by the way?

@szkodnix Oh, why not. I was thinking of Sara (OpenGameArt) but probably not this autumn because the planning is really dense.
Do you know a good place where I can see the artworks done so far and the license of Ai ? I can still collect them in a directory and bookmark links, that will be a first step. From what I see, most of arts are gathered on one page: https://藍.moe/

Also check "aiart" hashtag

@davidrevoy I love when you draw FOSS & related mascots. They're so cool. :blobcatheart:

@davidrevoy very nicely done ... makes me wish I could express myself graphically 😍

@davidrevoy C'est probablement la peinture de Pleroma-tan la plus détaillée que j'ai pu voir :blobcatwoah: Les couleurs sont extraordinaires et le regard est vraiment fort !!! Merci beaucoup !!! :blobpray: Ça serait vraiment extraordinaire de pouvoir l'utiliser au sein du projet, d'autres développeurs sont intéressés aussi, mais il faut qu'on trouve où ! :pleromatan:

@helene Merci! Et ça me ferait plaisir de la voir rattachée au projet. Ne serait-ce que dans une gallerie dédié à Pleroma-tan, ou un wiki. ☺️

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