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Snikket is a new XMPP/Jabber-based decentralised FOSS messenger service. You can follow at:

➡️ @snikket_im

The official website is

It aims to make XMPP into a more viable alternative to Whatsapp etc by providing consistency in design and terminology.

(It's sort of how Mastodon made ActivityPub more mainstream, by using consistency to make it clear the instances are part of one network.)

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Dear Lazydon,

is there an program similar to for or any other non-Android-OS on or ? is not an option, sorry.

Needed: Offline maps, search functions.

Not needed: Online features, routing functions.

Nice to have: Show own position.



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India starts today! The events in the "Buzz" online venue begin with the Inaugural Session at 11:00 AM IST, followed by "An introduction to apt-offline", "The story of how my love for free software turned me into a designer", "Why Point Releases are important and how you can help prepare them?" and a BoF (discussion session): "OpenStreetMaps in India". Buzz: -IN-2021

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Better than WhatsApp: Try these Free Software Apps and Services — Free Software Foundation India

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Thanks to Riya for making the info graphics.

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@imattau once again a friend recommend #Movim #XMPP. What is your experience with Movim, my friend? Do you use video/voice calls often? Thanks!

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource

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Tails natively ships with a #XMPP client. Currently Pidgin.
For security reason Tails is going to replace it.

New XMPP client that Tails is likely to natively install will be either @dino or @gajim

Some research about them and Tails requirements you can read here:
(keep in mind that it's a living paper)

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Does #Wire federate right now? #Quicksy has the convenience of centralization but offers federation with #XMPP for those who want. So I recommend Quicksy for people who say XMPP or Matrix is not convenient. I talk to Quicksy users with an XMPP account that we self host. Additionally I have added my xmpp address to Quicksy directory to make it easy for Quicksy users to discover my address if they know my phone number.

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#phosh 0.8.0 is out 🚀 :

Changing output resolutions and scaling via GNOME Settings should now mostly work, system modal dialogs don't pop up on the lock screen anymore plus more fixes and i18n improvements. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

#librem5 @purism #gnomeonmobile

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XMPP – La madre de Whatsapp – La alternativa que funciona

Resulta casi insultante que el protocolo #XMPP (antes llamado Jabber) a sus 22 años (1999) se venda hoy como «Alternativa a whatsapp»

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Why you need #sms4you - :)
It is available in Debian 11 (Bullseye) and Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy).


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