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"Go" for MiniDebConf 2021 Regensburg (Germany), October 2nd-3rd! Send your talk proposals until September 24th - And don't forget to register! lists.debian.org/debian-devel-

The Debian Day 2021 Turkey online event took place the 26th of August, with 57 participants! Debian Günü 2021 Türkiye Etkinliği - forum.linux.web.tr/t/debian-gu

Debian participates in the next Outreachy round. Let's work together, making free software, towards a more diverse community! Deadline for initial applications for interns is in 1h (3 Sept 16h UTC) Hurry up if you're elegible and still undecided! outreachy.org/

Did you attend and want to share your experience about it? We appreciate feedback about what worked well and the things we could improve, please send your comments to feedback_at_debconf_dot_org

MiniDebCamp Tilburg (Nederlands) is happening this weekend, visit their page to have a look at their activities and the group photo, and join if you happen to be near there wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/n

Thank you to all the people who made possible! The DebConf organisation team, Debian Video Team, our speakers, volunteers, and attendees. Would you like to join for organising the next DebConf? If so visit wiki.debian.org/DebConf/22 and contact the DebConf team.

After the closing session, some Debian and DebConf volunteers continue the party online. Join us via the IRC channel (at irc.oftc.net)

will shortly be over, so we shall console ourselves with (notional) cheese and wine. Bring your own cheese, we’ll provide the company for the Closing Ceremony and Cheese and Wine party! debconf21.debconf.org/schedule

pauses for a break from 18:45 UTC through 20:00 UTC: it's just time to prepare cheese platter, to take out beverages from the fridge, and to open wine bottles. Don't miss the Cheese and Wine party online later! Other option is to follow the Poetry Event that is happening during the break, in channel two debconf21.debconf.org/schedule

"src:developers-reference wants your help!" The Debian developers-reference handbook (also available at www.debian.org/doc/manuals/developers-reference/ ) is still the main reference for developers although many areas have become somewhat outdated… If you are looking for ways to improve Debian by writing and improving documentation and or translating it, this talk is for you on channel one at 18:00 UTC, debconf21.debconf.org/schedule

At 17:00 UTC, Debian Outreach will showcase the projects on which interns are currently working under Outreachy 2021 and also under Google Summer of Code 2021 (18:00). They will share their experience working with Debian. Follow the live streaming on channel two, debconf21.debconf.org/schedule


Le réseau social de l'avenir : Pas d'annonces, pas de surveillance institutionnelle, conception éthique et décentralisation ! Possédez vos données avec Mastodon !