In the next release, you will be able to record voice messages and attach them to your toots.

Would you like an option that automatically starts orbot and sets the proxy when launching the app?

Could you suggest me onion instances for tests. I would need one in http and another one with an invalid certificate (I guess mostly are?) . Thanks

PS: These are for tests with a better integration of orbot.

OK from your feedback, getting that info doesn't seem to be legal

Sorry for the dumb question. Is there a way to know valid subdomains from a domain?

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#Sengi 0.11.0 will let you filter boosts, replies and bots from timelines!

#app #dev

To admin and moderators. I have fixed some issues with the moderation feature.
- Moderation through notifications
- Menu item sometime displayed though the account doesn't have the moderator role (no effects of course)
- Moderator role not displayed in accounts.

If you want to change or improve elements, let me know.

I released 2.7.1

You can now block a whole instance by writing its domain name. This is a quite powerful feature, because no interactions will be possible with your account from accounts of these instances.

Also, I think I will allow to export/import that list so you can apply it quickly to another account or share it with your friends.

In the next release, you will be able to add custom domain names for blocking instances.

PS: you can already do it from the context menu of toots and profiles by clicking "block domain".

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I updated the free version on Google Play. As the same question remains, a short reply :

This release also removes instance blocks as I annonced it previously. I currently didn't update the old release on Google Play.

You need to update your instance to 2.9.1+ for having these new features.

2.7.0 has been published 🎉

What's new:

- Admin and moderation support
* Manage reports (close, reopen, assign to me, filter solved/unsolved)
* Manage accounts (accept / reject pending subscription, warn, silence, disable suspend with all undo functions). The list of accounts can be filtered)
*Send a message by email.
* quick access to an account from each toot.
* account info: creation date, status of the account, ip, local/remote etc.

- Audio ready (listen and upload)

I won't do a poll for implementing it. A message will be displayed when composing a toot for warning it's useless to reply.

I lost time to reply to accounts that finally mentioned me once and blocked my account after. In this case, I do miss the "blocked by" feature for not losing my time.

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