Oh well! The free version of has been removed by Google.

I know people started to report it. But... Why the reason is for "payments policy violation"? I appealed for that but I will not re-upload anything for this version.

Don't forget to get it with :

or the version built from sources. Follow @mastalab for links to apk.

Strangely, the paid version is not *currently* affected.

Of course, I didn't get a reply yet. But, the free app always had links to donation platforms for months.
I suspect a strange move to keep only one app (the paid one) after reports. Though, I don't update the free version, it was a good way to know what Fedilab is and then go to Fdroid or to the paid version.
But if it's only about payments policy violation, I think it will be harder to shutdown the paid version that does respect everything on that point.

@fedilab @mastalab Do you know the exact reason? Maybe its because its to similar to a paid app?

It seems to be the same reasons that I got with the paid app "links to paypal & liberapay". I removed them in the paid version with flavors but not for the free version.

"Alternative payment mechanisms to Google Play’s in-app billing service are only permitted if the products purchased are to be used outside of the app."

@ConnyDuck but at this time, they blocked an update and didn't remove the application from the store.

@fedilab @mastalab
you had both a free version and a paid version on g-play? was there a difference between the 2?

@falgn0n The free version is no longer maintained. It allows users to test it and then, they can get the up-to-date one with FDroid for free or pay a little amount to get the one which is up-to-date.

@fedilab yaay google...
but hey fdroit + donations are way better.

but sadly ppl use this way far to less ^^v
@rick @fedilab Google provides - as Apple - the infrastructure. Whey they should den accept alternative payment methods.
@nawi @fedilab they would never do that.. cause that would mean money loss ^^v
@fedilab @mastalab it's a huge bummer to hear that this happened. At least folks can still get it from F-Droid for the time being.

Yes, but it's the free version, it has been like that for months.

@fedilab @mastalab Google and Mastodon both share having far left people corrupting them and ruining them.
I used to write code for AOSP and quit because of what Google has become. They also horde any financial benefits of the work. I am not their digital sharecropper anymore.

@fedilab @mastalab This is really depressing to see, but I'm happy you've elected to keep your app neutral to this whole mess. Sorry to see google has not.
Maybe they were mad its free elsewhere but paywalled on gplay

Gplay sucks anyway

@fedilab I think you should go with the paid version at the playstore. Nobody should have a problem paying a few bucks for a goog and often updated app. All the others have the option to load the free version from fdroid.

@fedilab So I have the paid version from the Play Store. Should I delete it and switch to the fdroid version? I don't mind paying for it again there.

@gomez No, strangely Google doesn't shut down the paid version.

@fedilab yeah I get that, but it's it better for either or both of us to switch to fdroid long term? I'm happy to stay with what I have but I'm just checking if there's any advantage one way or the other.

@gomez Fdroid is a guarantee for safe apps, because they build from sources and everyone can check.
For fedilab, as far as the paid version is not shut down, no need to move :) (Fdroid & Google are the same). You paid for it, and I won't stop to publish releases. I know that I am under pressure but I won't give up. I am only building tools for everyone.

@fedilab Dude you are doing a great job and it's a great app.

@fedilab @mastalab Is it because of the payed version? Is it exactly the same?

It's due to donation links. The free app has less features because it's no longer updated.

@fedilab Huh, strange. Guess you would need to do in-app things if you want donations? 🤷

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