@fedilab some people are just.... mindboggling (to use a polite term).

@fedilab These are typically people that dont actually care about foss, so chances are they dont even use f-droid or know what it is.

@fedilab Are they also reporting Google Chrome for allowing access to the web version of the same site ? 🤔

@Whidou @fedilab They should also leave twitter because Gab has an official and verified account there.

Have you heard anything from OpenCollective regarding your donations? Just wondering, because these types of people will wreck donation options.
Also, donated thru PayPal and set up monthly thru Librepay. You have a fantastic product that others will share and boost. Keep up the good work!

things like this only makes me want to use #Fedilab and never use #Tusky again :/

Either you block gap like Tusky and people go nuts or you don't block it and people go nuts.

You just can't win 😔

@fedilab Fighting nazis these days seems to be rather different from what it used to be. 😀

@jsv @fedilab I imagine attacking Israel-first boomers and calling them nazis hadn't been done before lmao

@fedilab why hiding their names on your screenshots ?
This information is public.

@fedilab using the very tacticts that they fear from gab users... don't let those guys get at you, they are becoming what they claim to fight...

more gab fediverse bs 

@fedilab it's actually quite disgusting that some people want to take down a client that many non-Nazis use

In mastodon, there is already a way for me to hide everything from a server.
I think that is very powerful and should be enough for an individual user to make that decision.
A server owner/admin is also free to make the decision to whether to block certain servers. After all, they are the one paying for bandwidth and storage.
Say, if servers Ⓐ and Ⓑ are connected. Ⓐ blocks ĝ, but Ⓑ is connected to ĝ. Would ĝ still appears on server Ⓐ, indirectly?

@fedilab as i always say, to far left is as bad as to far right. both use the same ways to manipulate people and gain control of everything. Sad story, the Fediverse hat a great chance, but it looks like lot of people move back to Twitter because of the war here. Even me is thinking about shutting down all instances. People oriented in the mid will not accept beeing dominated by some people thinking their ideology is the only way to go. Furthermore mass rassism against white people going on. :(

@kmj @fedilab Don't be immature. The fediverse is as much of a mess as Twitter but there is certainly not "mass racism against white people".

@fedilab I dont really understand why people on birdsite seem to care about it that much.

These people can't notice when it is appropriate to accept different opinions because they're all reasonable.

These people feel like their opinion is less important, so they try to make it important.

These people exist in too great numbers in our world.

Just overread it.

@fedilab #FDroid forum has a thread calling Tusky as nonfree and suggesting it should be patched or flagged as having antifeatures: forum.f-droid.org/t/tusky-is-n

@fedilab Why do people hate Gab? Isn't Gab just a trump supporter echo chamber?

I didn't know gab before that matter, and I will not say I know it more because I didn't create an account to test it.
What I noticed, a lot of people took their responsibilities (ban or don't ban them) and some others are fighting everyones that don't act against them.
I am not one of them, but this is not related to a specific instance. I will simply not block instances with the app.

@kaletaa @fedilab my own experience with Gab is that it's a mostly harmless mix of upset boomers, memelords, and Alex Jones. Sure, some legitimately offensive stuff shows up once and a while, but anything that is actually legally actionable gets taken down and people have been banned from the platform for it. And despite all the brouhaha about "Nazis" the user base is pretty pro-Israel.

@fedilab "staying neutral isn’t an option but instead will lead to the uprise of (...) oppression and harassment against marginalized groups"

@fedilab Check if they have asked if people can report web browsers for allowing the access to gab.

They pretend fight for freedom but these persons become worse than those they denounce.

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