I plan to improve the application with
I will use my account at @tom79
If there is some Friendica devs for helping me in that process, your help is welcome :)

@metalbiker @fedilab @tom79

Yes Tom, thank you for expanding the horizons of coverage across the #Fediverse to other types of servers...

Doing so will continue to leverage #Fedilab as there go-to client for not just those using #Mastodon and #Pleroma, but other platforms as well - if nothing else, the ability to interact more easily with people in the Fediverse on different types of servers from say, a Pleroma instance, where the character count by default isn't so limited, makes it unimportant to have accounts on other servers.

You're doing great things.

@fedilab just contact me. I'm core coder at Friendica. Concerning possible improvements: It is no problem to possibly enhance Friendica's API if you need some functionality. Especially: When there is some functionality that is part of Mastodon's API but currently not present in Friendica, we can always consider adding it here.

@heluecht Oh great! Could I open an issue on Github dedicated to improvements with the API?

@fedilab of course, feel free!

BTW: There is some issue with your Friendica account. I guess there is some server problem that prevents me from following you there.
@heluecht @fedilab @heluecht
Wow. That's great news! Thank you for helping and making the Fediverse a great place to be and stay. And of course with Fedilab there will be an awesome App for Friendica as well! Awesome, I am very excited! Thank you!

Once again I am very proud to support FLOSS!
@fedilab BTW: Should I add some whish list somewhere as well? Currently I'm mostly using Twidere, but development there had been getting very slow.

I would like to offer the feature that allows to follow instances. But I didn't manage to federate statuses though it works for accounts.
I will make the point with features and missing elements from the api.

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