The logo contest for is open here:
Don't hesitate to share the link and thanks for your contributions :)

@fedilab asking artists to do spec work is considered bad practice. if you want a logo it's generally better to hire someone or just make it a volunteer service.

just want to spread the advice since many are not aware

Wow OK. I was not aware. So I should stop here or is it too late?

@fedilab I'm not the best person to ask, maybe see what others who have responded on github think?

@fedilab it's a common mistake so maybe just think about it going forward

@fedilab @comrade_parsley Opposing viewpoint: Tom wasn't *asking* anyone to work for free; people can choose whether or not to contribute and not everyone wants or needs to be paid; some people enjoy the opportunity to be able to contribute something to a FOSS project they enjoy, especially if they don't code.

@frankiesaxx @fedilab that's certainly valid, and it's why hiring a professional isn't necessarily the way to go. offering a "prize" oth can cause bad feelings when people feel they are competing for spoils. the stakes are low in this case and i expect it will be comradely anyway.

some good reading from an artist collective on this:

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