Thanks to @dansup I can use with 👍
Now it's time to work on improvements with the app and contribute as much as possible to Pixelfed.

How do you connect your pixelfed account in fedilab? The pod "" is not recognized.

thak you @fedilab & @dansup

Is #fedilabLight pixelfed-ready? I'd test it if so. Thank you.

Oh! have you any scheduled date when it will be available on f-droid? thanks (again) 😉

Hi, i tried to connect to this morning . Without success. Which pixelfed-Server-version did you use?

@fedilab @dansup excellent !! depuis le temps que j'attendais ça encore merci pour votre travail 👍 :blobcheerbounce:

@fedilab @dansup same here, pixelfed social not available on the latest versions of fedilab (both f-droid and google play). I would love to have support for pixelfed on this ^^

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