Reshape tool creates views for each tables, require your app to rely on these views (R/W) and then provides zero-downtime schema migration for Postgres. Smart, I will give it a try!

how it would have been if it had been made by engineers, some examples:

🔍data sub processors list standardized in yaml/xml/json format always accessible through the same path (openapi/wsdl spec)

🪜data portability formats listed for each use-case on a EU open platform, community driven (think W3C-like), so:
- it would promote already established standards
- push new one for new use-cases

🗂 right to data access defined at least with an openapi/wsdl spec so :
- everyone can automatically check which EU service started to implement it or not
- everyone can automate EU citizens data access rights

And yes, each of them would have been bad, like any standard, on various aspect (think YAML, json-schema, activitystream) but at least we could automate and build public/private tooling on top of it to ease the pain [of bad standards] 😮‍💨

Pourquoi l’argent publique n’est pas dépensé via blockchain ? (Obj: tracer où va l’argent)

Pourquoi vote-t-on encore en 2022 pour des candidats plutôt que des propositions ? (Obj: + de démocratie directe)

Backstage software catalog is a centralized system that keeps track of ownership and metadata for all the software in your ecosystem // Finally an OSS for service inventory 🌟 ?

Humm something weird with @clever_cloud TLS certificate generation tonight.

/cc @clementd I remember it was one of your website right? ^^'

RT @cloud_iam_com: ✅ We just submitted a membership request to join @EuclidiaEurope 🇪🇺

Let's see how it goes!

cc @ylechelle @waxzce

Why not switch your MacOS firewall from LittleSnitch to LuLu (open-source)? I did, so far so good!

RT @NicolasMeilhan: La blague (de mauvais goût) du jour : le pass vaccinal ne s'appliquera pas à l'Assemblée Nationale et au Sénat car plus…

RT @imagecharts: Happy to add today Sony as one of our biggest customers 🥳

RT @roam_bot: Do you wonder what you could automate with @zapier and roam-bot?

Here are 10 ideas of @RoamResearch workflow automation. 👇…

RT @emigal: I'm a heavy @RoamResearch as well as @zapier user. Just discovered Roam-Bot to connect the two, and it's pretty awesome. Great…

Discovered a (insane 🤯) bug in Google Cloud Run today. Unlike GKE, GCP Cloud Run decodes parts of the search url before reaching your app


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