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Whalep! Everyone makes mistakes, even your friends at Docker. “Skip this update” behavior from Docker Desktop 3.3 was confusing. We removed the requirement to be a Pro/Team subscriber to skip notifications about Docker Desktop releases.

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Fundamentals are fundamental...

...and Docker is not an exception!

LINK => dockerfundamentals.com/

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🔥 Hell is Back🔥

17 > 26 June 2022 - Extended 15th Anniversary
7 Days / 350 Bands.


Once in a lifetime Celebration

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Proposez dès maintenant vos sujets de conférences sur notre en ligne : buff.ly/3ctDFHm
Pour rappel, sera 100% en ligne et sur la journée complète du jeudi 18 novembre 2021. A vos talks !

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Want to work with @rumpl@twitter.com, @gtardif@twitter.com, @Nebuk89@twitter.com, @ccrone@twitter.com and I to provide new development experiences for dev team?
We're looking for a Software Engineer Backend @docker@twitter.com bit.ly/3wzp0Ch

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People had alot of very, err... creative ideas as to how we should respond to the move made by LinkedIn..😂😂

We decided to remain classy(ish) & open up Polywork to more people!! We did have some fun with the VIP code though.. 😂🎟

It's good for 2000 people! 🤯🚀 To the moon!! twitter.com/richdevelops/statu

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We have a new engineering opening on our team. Come and build developer tooling with me, @gtardif@twitter.com @glours@twitter.com and @rumpl@twitter.com! bit.ly/3qcjtPX

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Want to work with @rumpl@twitter.com, @gtardif@twitter.com, @Nebuk89@twitter.com, @ccrone@twitter.com and I to provide new development experiences for dev team?
We're looking for a Software Engineer Backend @docker@twitter.com bit.ly/3wzp0Ch

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Aller vite voir cette conférence pour comprendre les menaces qui pèsent sur vos smartphones 👇 twitter.com/mixitconf/status/1

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Today was my last day at Pharmagest. It's been an intense and rewarding 7 years with great people.

I'm very excited about the next chapter, which I will share with you all next week!

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee is auctioning his original source code for the web as an NFT, the first time he would be able to raise money directly from his invention (Tim Bradshaw/Financial Times) ft.com/content/a77ad1bf-fae0-4

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Congratulations to the French Tennis Federation and/or NBC, who requested that my video of the boy getting Djokovic’s racket be taken down.

The video got 5.5 million views, more than any highlight from any match. Great for a struggling sport. But you guys protect your rights!

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It's still time to submit your session and we'd love to hear what you have to say about UI&UX!

Let us know everything about your favorites front-end tools and practices 😉 twitter.com/DevoxxUK/status/14

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Attention tenez vous bien... il semblerait qu'un GROS émanant de @pole_emploi@twitter.com tourne sur un forum (à vendre, 1,2 millions de profils, formatés comme un dump)... @pole_emploi@twitter.com s'est fait pwn ! twitter.com/cynismes/status/14

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@BoucherieOvalie@twitter.com Coup de théâtre : à égalité à la fin des prolongations, les 2 équipes décident d’en rester là, et concluent la fusion des 2 clubs

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