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Ardour 6.0 released! See ardour.org/whatsnew.html for details. Downloads are at community.ardour.org/download. We hope to return to bi-monthly releases going forward

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and here's the official announcement, also shedding light on what's going to happen in the #heptapod 0.13.x series. It's much more than just wikis! heptapod.net/heptapod-0.13.0rc

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Last week-end, the XEmacs project imported ~140 repositories in a row from to foss.heptapod.net/xemacs

Yes, that last section of heptapod.net/bb-new-deadline.h looks like a roadmap. More to come about it later. Also the first mention of the future #heptapod 1.0 ever

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#Bitbucket #mercurial deadline pushed back one month. Can be a game changer for #heptapod. Good news for rescue by #softwareheritage , too. Our statement: heptapod.net/bb-new-deadline.h


en: the latest album of my band,Tension finally released (free-as-in-freedom price)

fr: le dernier album de mon groupe Tension enfin disponible (prix libre)


Unexpectedly good start of 0.13 development with the version bump to 12.3.5.
We can be lucky sometimes 🙂


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