The revset mini language alone would be enough for me to use . That's what behind `hg log -r` and other `--rev` arguments. Such a powerful tool! Just got reminded of that, nothing new 🙂

#heptapod 0.16.0rc1 will be released tomorrow. Of course it will include hg-evolve 10.0.2, released today by Octobus #gitlab #mercurial

I just made front development possible in . Obviously, that was needed, even tough it's amazing how much we could achieve without it.

There's also a bit in the announcement about the doc and user messages vsprint (now tomorrow!) and the future Heptapod 0.15.1

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The #heptapod doc and user messages vsprint is in less than two days now. We'll start at 11 by defining how we want to organize the documentation.

Afficher le fil de discussion

#heptapod virtual sprint on documentation and user messages will take place on 2020-07-31 from 11:00 to 20:00 UTC+2. Meeting point will be Everybody welcome, low overhead way to become a contributor and help using #mercurial on top of #gitlab.

Reminder: the poll about the date of the #heptapod virtual doc sprint ends next monday. No setup needed to contribute. (not a registration, everybody will be welcome when it takes place)

Projects vcs_type field is about to default to on and that's to help integration of the native mode. Nothing like a good paradox to make my day.

We're organising a virtual #heptapod sprint last week of July, focusing on user documentation and messages. Help us choose the exact date by voting on the poll

#heptapod development kit (HDK) now available! Of course, it's derived from the #gitlab development kit (GDK) #mercurial


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