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Live from Utrecht: interesting conversations about , and at the booth.

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As part of the EU project we've just participated in the third transnational meeting in Dublin. Long story short: Great progress on the upcoming online course on Free and Open Source Software for SMEs has been made 🎉

Thanks for hosting us! #FOSS4SMEs

Hallo @genossenschaftswelt

Da fehlt ein L in der URL in Eurer Profilbeschreibung.

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Our European partners on the FOSS4SMEs project prepare to record a new course on open source software aimed at small and medium business users in Europe.

#foss4sme #ireland

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Ist das noch Infomaterial oder ist das schon steuergelderfinanzierte Werbung für einen #Facebook-Dienst?

Looking at the "Federated timeline" is a bit stressful.

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118 Stunden im Jahr verbringen Autofahrer im Auto - für die Parkplatzsuche. Sagt Christian Bäuerlein (Twitter: fabrik42).

Bin ich froh, dass ich kein Stehzeug habe ... #wmfra #mobility #frankfurt

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"Ich interessiere mich nicht für Politik" ist eine Lüge. Und zwar immer. Argumente-Futter für die nächste Party-Debatte in der Richtung :-)

It just occurred to me that I have
"revamp personal home page"
on my ToDo-list for almost 10 years. Tiime to tackle that.

I'd like to have a static page. Is there anything I should look at besides and ?

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watching the "Hunting the " talk from before bedtime...

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infobooth at meeting at Kranenburg Praktijkcollege in Utrecht, January 19th, 10.00-16.00 o'clock. Have a chat about and save shipping costs by buying FSFE gear at the booth.

Do you know ?

To get a weather app, just add:

alias w='curl'

in your .bashrc.

Oh, totally forgot that I had a github account. Not anymore! :)

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gerade probiert: Mastodon liefert auch RSS-Feeds für Tags aus. Einfach .rss an die Tag-URL hängen. Find' ich super!

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de grévistes.
en Inde.

8 janvier 2019 : plus grande grève générale de l'histoire de l'Humanité.


Guido Arnold a partagé
Guido Arnold a partagé
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