Why ?

Just after a fresh install OpenBSD 6.4, and using syspatch, the system reply with this error message: "kernel relinking failed"?


If you read FR:

SSH security–some people change the default port 22 of SSH to 2222 (since this is recommended by many "SSH security best practices" guides). Turns out that port 2222 is also well-known to attackers:


#ssh #security #infosec #cybersecurity

#OpenBSD just fixed and enabled isochronous mode for xhci.

aka, webcams in modern laptops now work. so does usb-audio devices, and probably a few other things.

TEST IT, TEST IT, TEST IT. Find the bugs in it, before we lock for 6.5.


From July 22nd to July 26th (5 days), @cstrotm will be giving an #OpenBSD training at the LinuxHotel in Essen, Germany. Just sayin' :-)


The website "Why OpenBSD rocks!" translated from EN to FR(ench).


Le site "Why OpenBSD rocks!" est traduit en Français.



#OpenBSD #obsd4a #WhyOpenBSDRocks

OpenBSD: USB Pen in mode Write Protected?

How resolve this?

Error message:
sd1(umass0:1:0): Check Condition (error 0x70) on opcode 0x2a
SENSE KEY: Write Protected
ASC/ASCQ: Write Protected
sd1 detached

If you can help in FR:


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