My summer project was to produce a limited run of 100 OpenBSD screenprint posters. Now they are available, just in time for the holidays!

This time i tried OpenBSD on $WORK's small and cute Thinkcentre M700 Tiny. It works like a charm :flan_thumbs:

FuguIta ( is really great for such quick tests ^^

Et un nouvel article sur le blog ! Aujourd'hui, on parle de gaming, d'OpenBSD et de visual novel et je vous montre comment lancer des jeux avec Renpy :)

Le lien :
#openbsd #renpy

:goose_honk:​ New #OpenBSD #macppc packages are slowly coming to your favorite mirror. I hope you'll enjoy the fixed webkitgtk4!

For the next bulk, GNUstep should be available again for the first time since clang introduction on macppc, courtesy of Anthony Richardby and gkoehler@ \o/

I see a post from Tales From The Dork Web ( on #scuttlebutt about Kristall GUI gopher/gemini browser

I made an #openbsd port :flan_thumbs:

It supports #gopher and #gemini, tabbing and bookmarks! :flan_heart:

Nouvel article sur le blog !
Aujourd'hui, on parle de Netatalk sous OpenBSD et je vous montre comment se faire une Time Capsule avec un logiciel libre :D

Le lien :

New article on my blog !
Today, we create a Time Capsule for free thanks to Netatalk and OpenBSD !

Link :

#openbsd #netatalk #server

🐡 Tailscale on OpenBSD

Lecture attentive et puis ..

This is where TailScale comes in. With TailScale all you do is sign up for an account (currently uses Google & Microsoft accounts), then you install the client on each of your machines


[release] La 3.0.5 est sortie.

🤔 Boostez vos recherches !

🔍 ugrep - Search file systems, source code, text, binary files, archives ( cpio/tar/pax/zip), compressed files (gz/Z/bz2/lzma/xz/lz4 ), documents and more. A faster, user-friendly and compatible grep replacement.



OpenBSD Router Guide

In this guide we're going to take a look at how we can use cheap and "low end" hardware to build an amazing OpenBSD router with firewalling capabilities, segmented local area networks, #DNS with domain blocking, #DHCP and more. We will use a setup in which the #router segments the local area #network ( LAN ) into three separate #networks, one for the grown-ups in the house, one for the children, and one for public facing #servers, such as a private web #server or mail server. We will also look at how we can use DNS to block out ads, porn, and other websites on the Internet.


The Debian GNU/kFreeBSD continue the adventure :p

See the unofficial recent image, based on Sid:

(published on Debian Wiki)

As a belated birthday present for #OpenBSD we donated an extra €100.

Also 11 new VMs were added and 25 VMs were renewed.

In total we donated €585 to the #OpenBSD Foundation, totalling €10000 so far. \o/

Stay positive & safe!



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