I don't know what exercise to pick to illustrate API for string data type in the Guile Hacker Handbook...

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can't believe it has been 7 years since I wrote the first version of `guix environment`. there were far fewer guix users then and they had different expectations than what I'd consider the average developer. so, I'm happy to see that the community has coalesced around semantics/conventions that better fit the most common development use cases in the new `guix shell` tool!


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GitHub - daviwil/emacs-from-scratch: An example of a fully custom Emacs configuration developed live on YouTube github.com/daviwil/emacs-from- | lobste.rs/s/9r4fqf #emacs

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Haunted Dungeon early beta


Haunted Dungeon on itch.io

Hey, it's a new and slightly more usable build (still Mac only) of the Haunted Dungeon! You can now use all the weapons & armor, eat & drink food & potions, might even make it down to floor 2 or 3!

Up in the next few days:

Tossing out items. I need to write a new event mode for selecting it, so I didn't feel like it today.
Levelling up

#gamedev #Scheme #videogames

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How well does #SoftwareHeritage archive source for #Guix packages? How does that evolve over time?

Timothy Sample publishes the first “Preservation of Guix Report”:
👉🏾 ngyro.com/pog-reports/2021-10-

For recent commits, 73% of the package source code is definitely archived! 👍🏼

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It's been a wild ride to $500k ARR:

$0 to $400 MRR in 12 months
$400 to $10k MRR in 9 months
$10k to $41,6k MRR in 10 months

Learn more about our journey to date: plausible.io/blog/bootstrappin

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#TIL that docker doesn't produce "truly reproducible builds" but, if you use #guix to create your #docker image, you can fix it!


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Quick question about using GNU #Guix on a foreign distro: Can programs installed with it use (proprietary) drivers already installed on the system?

I tried running vlc from Guix with the vdpau output, but that led to a lot of errors about a missing file. The flatpak version of vlc works with the vdpau output.

#ask #askFediverse #askMastodon

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The weird errors I was getting from emacs-guix package was because I had not installed emacs-geiser-guile package!!

Finally I can control guix from the comfort of my Emacs!!

#Emacs #Guix

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Voici ☕ Café #Guix, un événement mensuel pour échanger trucs et astuces dans un contexte scientifique.
👉🏽 hpc.guix.info/events/2021/café

🗓 Première session mardi 26 novembre à 13h !

#HPC #RechercheReproductible

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Quizz: environment variable definitions in ‘.bashrc’ or ‘.bash_profile’? Which is for the log-in shell?

If like me you’re part of the large group of people who always wonder, ‘guix shell --check’ is for you:
👉🏽 issues.guix.gnu.org/51285

#GNU #Guix #Bash

This is from my eBay watchlist.
I did not buy it.
I did not buy anything from this seller.
This is not affiliate merch.
This is not a call to buy, nor an advice.

I just want to raise awarness.


Could be a good deal for your freedom.

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on a new computer, with a new Ubuntu 21.04 and a new #Emacs installation

I try to open a .scm file in Emacs and it asks me for a #scheme implementation

This didn't happen on the old computer

Anyway I type "guile" and it claims there's no match

In the terminal if I type "guile" Guile 3.0.5 comes up

What the #^§ is this ?

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how is call/cc used in reality ?

All the examples I see make no sense


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I just recieved my #thinkpad T470 and it's time to install a linux distro. I always end up installing #archlinux in the end, but for now I will be trying out some other distros. Seeing as the Thinkpad is notably well supported by truly Free software, I'm going to try one of GNU's recommended distros. #guix seems especially appropriate right now.

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#DearFediverse, a question on dev environment isolation. Is either #NixOS or #GUIX usable as an OS for day-to-day use (coding, browsing, occasional gaming)? Or is it better to just use their respective package managers on top of regular Linux? Also, anyone here doing desktop #virtualization? Is there a sense of running a #VM per project? Is that a viable alternative to dual-booing Windows when I want to do some Windows dev or play a game?

I'm planning to overhaul my desktop and am exploring options.

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Le réseau social de l'avenir : Pas d'annonces, pas de surveillance institutionnelle, conception éthique et décentralisation ! Possédez vos données avec Mastodon !