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I did it: I packaged #PyTorch for #Guix! \o/

It’s a thankless, tedious effort, and it goes against the tide when “pip install torch” just does the job.

But I don’t see how we can build secure, transparent, and reproducible systems without doing that sort of things.

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📢 Just in case you missed it, all items in the store are 10% OFF until August 2nd, using the code BACKTOSCHOOL 🛒

#GNU #Guix #guile #football #soccer

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The #Racket package in #Guix is now entirely bootstrapped from C, thanks to Philip McGrath:

Goes from Racket “Before Chez” (BC) to Racket “Chez Scheme” (CS) in several stages. 👍

Cc: @scheme
#Scheme #Lisp #bootstrapping

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Time for the last (in this month 😉) weekly development report from my #opensource projects written in #ada programming language:

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Hey! Version 0.2.2 of Guix-Jupyter, the #Jupyter kernel for #reproducible notebooks, is now available, with a bunch of bug fixes!

Get it through #Guix or at!

Side Hustling is a nighty hobby 😪

I just got my letsencrypt certificate/key.

Lets configure Guix System to renew it from now on ! 👨‍🎤

Oh mince, mes notes…
Je sais pas pourquoi je pensais que l'application stockait les données en local tout en les synchronisant avec un serveur 😢

guix deploy: déploiement de kitchen réussi

Means it worked 🤩

Successfully created a System server on 💪

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Package pages of hpcguix-web, the web interface to browse #Guix packages, now shows channels and links to source code. Handy!

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Over a year ago, the Guix Build Coordinator was building lots of things for substitutes

It's taken a while, but now it should be benefiting general users of #guix

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Just found what I had always been willing to experiment with: International #Scheme! 😏

There are keywords I’ve known for years that I wouldn’t quite know how to translate to my native language (‘unquote-splicing’ anyone?), which is telling…

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