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L'extension #Grammalecte – correcteur grammatical et typographique libre, excellent outil pour LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird – a récemment évolué vers une nouvelle version 2.0 avec plusieurs nouveautés et améliorations.
À télécharger ici :

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Patch with obs capable of loading plugins from profile now available here:

Soon #guix will be the friendliest GNU/Linux distro out here)

web-mode has support for Artanis template. 🙏

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The people on help-guix have been extremely friendly and helpful so far. There's a reason why #Guix community is known to be very kind.

Is there a way to prevent variable redefinitions in ?

Like :
(define v 1)
(define v 2)

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guix tip 

#Guix, unlike #Nix, has multiple generations and rollbacks everywhere, packages, channels, systems, maybe something else, IDK.
And in each of these lists there may be irrelevantly old generations.
guix gc --delete-generations doesn't delete the system generations, and therefore doesn't really help when you need to free up the space.
However, guix system list-generations will list them, and guix system delete-generations $(seq -s, START END) will delete them. Then guix gc will give the expected results.

I'm not sure why I've discovered this only now. Maybe it's due to prior experience with NixOS, which does the things very differently. Or maybe I'm just stupid, IDK.

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Le Free Software Supporter est disponible en français. Pour voir la version française cliquez ici:

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Ooooh! If you're a Python dev in Paris looking for important work in FOSS, please read @zacchiro's post in this thread! Or just go to:

Software Heritage is one of the most important orgs we have in the FOSS'y space, and really super wonderful people there too!

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another gem via the #bootstrappable channel:

zkeme80 - a #Forth-based OS for the TI-84+ calculator

The #Z80 assembler is written in #Guile @scheme

Sounds interesting !

How is my hacking style regarding energy consumption ?

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Now the intro is done, I'll make an introduction to #Scheme in 1:30 hours sooooo stay tuned!

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Lockdown with kids is tough.
Isolation with kids, fighting Corona virus is exhausting.

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Nice risc-v board comming this year. Seems like a good fit for #guix

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For my taking system I use
What do you use ?
I am thinking about an alternative (available in repo would be even better!)


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