Each time I reboot my , "show only adaptive apps" is checked. Is there a way to disable this feature ?

Funny, I've tried to install flutter and build a simple app on , it works :)

I've built an AUR package for @ManjaroARM that works on my . Just run "pamac install axolotl-bin" (with aur enabled)

Managed to run Axolotl signal client on with by extracting files from package. Now need to find how to build a real package or fix the flatpak ...

Anyone has managed to install axolotl on ? Tutorial ?

is there a firefox user agent switcher extension with a usable touchscreen ui on ?

I'm impressed that Emacs works so nicely on with touchscreen. Currently writing a squeekboard Bépo layout with it 😁

lolgzs a partagé
lolgzs a partagé

RT @PharoOpen@twitter.com 📚More content has been added in the guide "How to deploy a @pharoproject@twitter.com application": t.co/EmG9IQ1u5M 📚
#pharo #smalltalk #documentation

lolgzs a partagé
lolgzs a partagé
lolgzs a partagé

For the Church of #Emacs out there (who probably already know about this), a #NES #emulator for Emacs. #emacsnes



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