@filkerdave @filkerdave @filkerdave hi David, so glad you're living in Jackson Hole. I used to know someone from there as she was exchange student in Belgium where I live, over 30 years ago who unfortunately died in a car accident right when she was back home after 1year abroad. Her name was Laurel Rudd ... So now I can better see the wonderful views thanks to the photo's of the mountains from your profile. Regards
Nicolas from Belgium

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Dismantling the persecution of #Assange:
2019: UK torture & arbitrariness exposed
2019: Swedish rape allegations collapse
2020: Embassy surveillance exposed
2021: US prisons declared inhumane
2021: US hacking allegations collapse
Time to end this travesty!
stundin.is/FD7n Nils Melzer (@NilsMelzer)

Alliés on y va?? Dans un bon quart d'heure, on n'est pas au complet


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