The ultra-rich represent an emergent global aristocracy — or rather, a new oligarchy. Fewer than 100 billionaires now own as much as 50 percent of the world’s assets via @admarchetti

Tips : when soldering LED, always pinch them with a metallic clamp to dissipate heat and avoid destroying them !

Work in progress on ESP8266 binary clock... Just connected hours for now (19 in binary). Need to solder 13 LED cables tomorrow to connect them all.

I'm working on a binary clock based on an esp8266, to sync time via ntp at boot. POC, including charlieplexing, validated

Grégory PAUL a partagé

là on touche le fond... Du raisin "de luxe" bien emballé. Encore une preuve que le capitalimse est LE fléau à abattre.

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