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Need with ! Recently (4.14) using I started getting 0xFFFFFF9C (32-bit -100) for AT_FDCWD instead of the signed 64-bit value (0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFF9C).
Does that mean anything to anyone?

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Told my co-worker that I don't have a Facebook account, I only have a Mastodon account.

Their reply? "Oh, I have a Mastodon account too!"

It's happening dot jpg

RT @waldojaquith@twitter.com: Medium charges $5/month to read people’s blog entries now.

I’m not making this up.

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All that's left is this tractor beam, allowing the player to reconfigure her ship and pick up new blocks!

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I made the camera follow the ship, and added a simple parallax background.
Trying to get that first demo ready!

RT @jbxrda@twitter.com: Le weekend prochain, sans que personne ne daigne lever le petit doigt, nous allons encore perdre une heure... Ceci est absolument inepte... Mesdames et messieurs les censeurs d'heure, je vous prie d'agréer tout mon désagrément avec 168 heures d'avance... Bande de technocrates...

So @mozilla@twitter.com @firefox@twitter.com brings MY WHOLE COMPUTER DOWN everytime I visit the @googlecloud@twitter.com shell, by using 100% disk. What the hell?

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Yesterday I added mouse controls, and made the guns aim at the cursor. Problem: you tend to shoot yourself 😂
Should guns know not to shoot? Or should bullets simply go over the ship? Not sure...

RT @carolstran@twitter.com: Any open source projects out there using a static site generator for documentation? I’d love to hear about it & chat with you!

My DMs are open 🌟✒️

RT @BurgerQuizOff@twitter.com: Au printemps, revient en hebdo sur @TMCtv@twitter.com, avec Alain Chabat ! 🍔🍟

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So now Hiveway puts out this:


"One person did all the work and then simply offered it to everyone" - Way to minimize the community effort. Yes, @Gargron requires huge props, but he *has* had help from others.

"Although it has ... no development possibility or commercial structure..."

Uh. No development possibility? Then why would you fork it? Why would you base it on a codebase that has "the impossibility to evolve?"

Also, no commercial structure is a feature.


RT @vigilant_steel@twitter.com: Finally managed to implement my K-D Tree, and pixel-perfect collisions!

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Some superheroes wear scarves