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RT @garius@twitter.com: In 1941 Pearl Harbour trapped a Pan-Am passenger flight on the wrong side of the Pacific. This is the incredible story of how the crew flew back to America the long way round, and in the process circumnavigated the world. medium.com/lapsed-historian/th

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One thing Slashdot got right, was every poll had an option for people who disagreed with the poll itself.

RT @Delo_Taylor@twitter.com: The Onion just doesn't care anymore.

I noticed that a lot of tools use a model where plugins are separate executables (git, conda, cargo, ...). However I don't understand the point in having e.g. "git lfs fetch" run "git-lfs fetch" or "cargo graph" run "cargo-graph.

Isn't it just as easy to run the plugin directly?

RT @KetanJ0@twitter.com: Dear website,

- I don't want you to post notifications to my desktop
- I don't want to subscribe to your thing via a popup
- I don't want you to know my location
- Please stop autoplaying that video
- I am angry and sad now

RT @Uznare@twitter.com: eurovision rules

RT @HaileyJadeRyan@twitter.com: Sorry Australia, you're still not Europe.

I haven't written C in too long. I really wish I had somebody to do code reviews with

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I am back! With a very important announcement!





did u know boobytrap backwards is partyboob

I just opened my programming/reprozip/reprozip/reprozip/reprozip folder and I feel like something's wrong

RT @lizdenys@twitter.com: OH: "I'm not a programmer, I'm a fanfic writer for APIs."

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FOSS situation, yet again


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Remind me that luajit was maintained by only one person and decided to stop one day while a whole industry was relying on it.

Value added from journal publishers:
❌ Content (authors even PAY to get published, e.g. APC)
❌ Peer review
❌ Editing (LaTeX made that easy, but still can't be bothered?)

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« Je n'suis paaas un robot !
Mes captchas me collent à la peau.

Je n'suis paaas un robot !
J'en ai marre de voir des panneaux .

Je n'suis paaas un robot !
Un roboooooot ! »

RT @SPPEF@twitter.com: Les souvent drôles et créatifs...

RT @_youhadonejob1@twitter.com: Touché

RT @SIGKILL@twitter.com: when every service gets replaced by systemd

My watch is so loud that my heartbeat syncs to it