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RT @timberners_lee@twitter.com: The @FCC@twitter.com's proposal to undermine would be a disaster for the internet, for consumers & for innovation. That's why I've joined internet pioneers calling for tomorrow's vote to be cancelled pioneersfornetneutrality.tumbl
- Call your reps NOW ->>> battleforthenet.com

THIS IS AN INTERNET EMERGENCY: Call Congress now to from killing net neutrality and destroying the Internet as we know it: battleforthenet.com

RT @aradia53@twitter.com: @Anthony@twitter.com @msbellows Wouldn’t it just be easier to give us unlimited characters? 🙄

Without , the Internet will be like cable TV... big companies -- not you -- decide what you see. Take action now: battleforthenet.com

RT @kashanacauley@twitter.com: People outside of NYC: TERRORISM!!!!!
New Yorkers: Dude’s a loser with a crappy bomb who’s crowning life achievement is making my train 36 minutes late.

RT @Cloudflare@twitter.com: The @FCC@twitter.com (lead by @AjitPaiFCC@twitter.com) Wants to Kill - Use @BattleForTheNet@twitter.com on @CloudflareApps@twitter.com to Fight Back : cfl.re/2l4QSOV

You know what's not funny? Screwing over hundreds of millions of people on behalf of a few of the most unpopular companies in the world. : battleforthenet.com

Every second between now & the FCC vote in 3 days is precious. Use it to get everyone you know talking about

1) Sign up for the online protest: BreakTheInternetProtest.org

2) Email & call your reps: BattleForTheNet.com

3) Retweet this. Go! Go! Go!

RT @VickySteeves@twitter.com: My dear friend @ceacy_@twitter.com made his thesis available on @thesiscommons@twitter.com, and linked in the GitHub repo with the original files where he did his writing! An amazing example of ECR leading openness!

Give it a read (esp if you like theoretical compsci): thesiscommons.org/rx6zt

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Analysis: Trump tweets that he "seldom" watches CNN and MSNBC — shortly after both networks cover a report on his v… https://t.co/0hSy6pGBUl

RT @MdM_France@twitter.com: Au-delà des postures @EmmanuelMacron@twitter.com, vous organisez le tri entre les sans-abri, vous harcelez les migrants à Calais et ailleurs, vous poursuivez les citoyens solidaires. Vous vous apprêtez à ouvrir des brèches dans le Droit d'asile. Difficile de célébrer ce jour. twitter.com/EmmanuelMacron/sta

On the first RC of Christmas, @Gargron gave to us
16 features
40 fixes
and a partridge in a pear tree


RT @Oatmeal@twitter.com: How to receive a crappy Christmas present theoatmeal.com/comics/receive_

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