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“Taming the ‘stat’ storm with a loader cache”:

On how we tweaked the loader in #GNU libc ( to reduce application startup time in #Guix for #ELF executables.

Yay! I released again a new version of , a dictionary app. The new version should be available on soon.

It allows you to download the dictionaries you are interested in (language, features, source, …) and use them offline to search for anything.

This new version provides improvement in the UI (dark theme, fixes to furigana text, moved the search bar to the app bar) and a new tab for kanji search powered by kanjidic.

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Do you know anyone interested in getting paid to improve #diversity in a Free Software project? Boost appreciated!

@fedeproxy, a new Free Software project for #forge #federation published a request for proposal today. If you have some expertise on fostering diversity in Free Software communities, this is your chance to make a difference, at a very early stage. And maybe set a good example for the thousands of other Free Software projects in the same situation.

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Contributeurs si vous galérez sur la syntaxe de `opening_hours` pensez à l'outil YoHours.

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Si vous utilisez les données #OpenStreetMap, vous devez l'indiquer.

Elles sont le fruit d'investissements importants de contributeurs, sont fournies gratuitement, librement, en échange il y a 3 mots max. à apposer.
Comme une sorte de remerciement.


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ça faisait longtemps que je ne vous avais pas embêté avec Common Voice, je me permets de le refaire pour vous rappeler que le projet existe

le but est de créer une voix libre permettant la création de lecteurs d'écran performant, mais aussi de créer un moteur de reconnaissance vocal

Pour participer à sa création, nul besoin de connaissance en programmation, il vous suffit d'enregistrer votre voix, en lisant des phrases proposées par le projet, ou de vérifier les enregistrements que d'autres ont fait

ça se fait par ici

donner 2 minutes de son temps de temps en temps peut grandement améliorer le projet. Pas besoin d'en faire beaucoup plus. La diversité des voix et des accents est aussi un plus

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est l'allié des vacances !
Des affiches faites maison pour encourager à mettre sa patte sur la carte du monde faite par tout le monde !
Explomappeuses·eurs, en avant !

I played a little more with my app, , that lets you use dictionaries. I added information about kanji that show up in your request or the results. Also, dark theme :)

Not yet released, if you have feedback or suggestions :)

Help translate the app in your language:

Also compare previous version and what the next version might look like :)

I'm also working on adding kanjidic, to have basic information about kanji in your rearch, and tatoeba or maybe other corpus of aligned sentences to serve as examples. I'll need to segment them to find which word they are an example of, which will take some time.

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Yay! I released a new version of , a dictionary app. The new version should be available on soon.

It allows you to download the dictionaries you are interested in (language, features, source, …) and use them offline to search for anything.

This release is mostly motivated by some small changes in the UI, and small improvements to the dictionaries. It's also a "I'm still alive" message since last release is almost a year old!

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Présentement entrain de résoudre des notes .

On devrait attacher plus d'importance à toutes ces notes d'anonymes ou de personnes ne souhaitant pas directement contribuer.

Voici comment les afficher... N'hésitez pas à les consulter autour de chez vous !

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Let me introduce #potcasse !

I've been lazy publishing #podcasts episodes because I was unhappy with publications on Peertube and also lack of integration for podcast programs

I want to self host without using complex programs I didn't find anything, so I wrote my podcast publication tool

It's like 1h30 of work for now but is already usable, I will start publishing my two podcasts episodes with it and I plan to start publishing improvised episodes without editing

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I've just created an #OSM account, simply because the new #StreetComplete is freaking fantastic and makes me want to finally contribute. Get it on #FDroid!!

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The news are all about an opaque hack that makes statistical guesses about code you want to write.

A good time to remind of a scientific approach to the problem: Byrd’s #Barliman editor and “programming by example”.

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Sortie de la version 1.2 🎉 partenariat avec Koena Connect et feuille de route actualisée : c'est le programme de la dernière actu du projet

I added syntax highlighting for m4/autoconf files in gitile yesterday (see for instance).

I had to trick the compiler to be able to use mutually recursive lexers, and added support for multiple tags at the same time.

@dthompson interested in something like that for guile-syntax-highlight?

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Using Nix behind a 512k DSL line is *A NIGHTMARE*. It just took me 5h de spinup a project's nix-shell.

I'm gradually getting frustrated to have to re-download a NAR 99% similar to a path I already have on my system just because a hash in it changed.

I secretly hope somebody with some time to spare will work on a casync-based or any chunk-based distribution system for the NARs and plug that to the nix NAR fetcher...

I saw some Guix folks working around those ideas. If they manage to land that first, that'll be it, I'll move as much stuff I can to it!
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Join our friends at libremiami on June 26 for a regular online meetup to package and maintain software for #Guix and onboard new contributors! Meetups are the last Saturday of every month from 2-4pm EST. Learn more:

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Partenariat – C'est officiel, la convention qui lie #OpenStreetMap avec la Fédération Commerce & Artisanat Grand #Pontarlier est signée !
🤝 Elle est le prolongement du travail de la Fédération de garantir le soutien et la visibilité de ses (~500) adhérents (1→5)


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