Ads that shows how you are tracked and how much they know about you by Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp

talk "The state of software in schools and what to do about it" now in Jupiter room!

7.3.1 is out! Fixed daily attendance update & grade breakdown (teacher).

7.2.3 is out! New Grade Level breakdown for Student Breakdown & Discipline Breakdown programs.

Email module enhancements: attach a file and send a copy to admin or teachers

degoogle: alternatives to search, apps, Gmail and Android apps. Cut Google out of your life now!

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I watch them on #Invidious. I use the Privacy Redirect add-on on Firefox which automatically redirects YouTube to Invidious, Instagram to Bibliogram, Twitter to Nitter and Google Maps to OpenStreetMaps.

6.9.3 is out! New: Secondary Teacher & simplified Course Periods dropdown menu.

New schema to dive into files and folders architecture. Simple innit?


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