Un système de reconnaissance vocale libre ? Mozilla Common Voice a besoin de votre voix, en français ! C'est simple, rapide et ça se passe sur commonvoice.mozilla.org/fr/spe

News: the EU Digital Markets Act reads "instant messaging services are interoperable, i.e. enable users to exchange messages, send voice messages or files across messaging apps"

So, this means sending a message from an XMPP/Jabber account to a WhatsApp account, right? This is good news for open source apps and decentralization! 😀


"Allow users to install apps from third-party app stores" is part of what is included in the new European Union's Digital Markets Act! Hello Apple? macrumors.com/2022/07/05/eu-ap

New report from Human Rights Watch: Students not Products shows how most EdTech apps (online classrooms) sell your children data to AdTech (advertising and tracking)
Whether you install your own or are hosted with us at rosariosis.com/ you are guaranteed your students' data is not sold!

A good article on the difficulty to help students learn efficiently and grade them: "Teaching is a slow process of becoming everything you hate" dynomight.net/teaching/

Notifications added to the Email Students module for
- Birthday
- Absence
- Payment reminder

New module! Quiz Premium module at rosariosis.org/modules/quiz/#p
- Search questions
- Copy Quiz from last year
- Restrict questions to owner

💲 Price Drops for those add-ons
- Public Pages Premium plugin
- Discipline Score plugin
- Paypal Registration plugin
- Class Diary module

Buy at rosariosis.org/add-ons/

New Helpful Tip for The Teacher of a Course has changed. Can I directly edit the Course Period? Short answer: no! rosariosis.org/tips-did-you-kn

De l'importance d'ouvrir les algorithmes. Futurs, éthiques et opportunités des algorithmes publics sur nosalgorithmes.fr/

New Tip and Did you know? For
"Add general comment for each Marking Period to Report Cards: How to add comments to the Report Card that are not tied to a single Course Period, but rather a global comment for each student? "

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