studio d'essai utilise Vous pouvez læ suivre et interagir si vous possédez un compte quelque part dans le "fediverse". Si ce n’est pas le cas, vous pouvez en créer un ici.

No show tonight because of a combination of full-on cough + toddler-minding + rain. If you want me to do a show every week, maybe you can get me a really good cycling poncho?

three tracks that come from five different places and span sixty years: you can now stream studio d'essai 135 ->

In 5 minutes, tune in for studio d'essai 134: shit mix. It's a mix of great songs, but the mix is shit – sorry! At least you won't hear my voice 😉 :;stream

studio d'essai a partagé
studio d'essai a partagé

Very glad pleroma is expanding with more features daily. Hoping PixelFed and other activitypub compatible servers grow as well. I'm glad that the fediverse is so diverse in terms of people, software choices, and opinions. Plus it feels like I'm actually talking to real people on here. Pretty much what I'm trying to say is, fedi changed my life in a positive way overall and I'm glad I'm here.

OK it stopped raining so no excuses. Find me in 30 minutes or so for more DRONE:;stream

studio d'essai a partagé

April 15: First lines of code written
April 17: "Federated Instagram. #soon" post
May 17: @pixelfed +
May 31: Beta Launch

It has been quite the journey! I am looking forward to releasing the beta tomorrow.

in thirty minutes, listen to studio d'essai #132 – special! ->;stream

studio d'essai 130 was mostly and then noisy. All music. If that's your thing at all, listen here:
@shel you're in there! :)

In 30 minutes, livestream studio d'essai 130 for I-don't-know-which-tracks-yet! ->;stream

Tonight, I'm purging Sun Ra. See you in 25 minutes!

Last night's show, episode #127, was pretty good, I reckon. Would recommend.
@controlfreak you're in there! And a few shout outs to our recent followers too :)