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studio d'essai 130 was mostly and then noisy. All music. If that's your thing at all, listen here:
@shel you're in there! :)

In 30 minutes, livestream studio d'essai 130 for I-don't-know-which-tracks-yet! ->;stream

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Dear free and open source community,

I want you to recommend projects that welcome people that never contributed to FOSS before. I am planning to do a workshop this year to encourage people to make their first contributions. What I need:

- A page explaining how they could contribute.
- General recommendations and documentation.
- Where they can contact people involved in such projects in case they have questions.

Tonight, I'm purging Sun Ra. See you in 25 minutes!

Last night's show, episode #127, was pretty good, I reckon. Would recommend.
@controlfreak you're in there! And a few shout outs to our recent followers too :)

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So, funkwhale 0.9 is out. With music library federation, and the foundation for interface internationalization that was contributed by @Bat

Release and upgrade notes are available here :

Last week’s show is finally up:
Find you in about 9 hours for nb 126! :)

@luka : some Kamizdat in there ;)

Tonight’s show is number 125, and I’ve got 9 eclectic tracks from all over the place. Tune in in 23 minutes! :) →;stream

Episode 124 was the last on in the 2017 series. Stream and peruse the playlist on our website:
Find you next time for the usual mix of a bit of everything gleaned from around Cybre Space! , ,

Tonight's show, in about 30 minutes (22:00 AEST) will be the final one in the Day 2017 series! Three loooong tracks from the USA, Spain and England, published by , and . Enjoy those last ones before we move on to more new and old stuff!

studio d'essai partagé

experimental electronic music?

follow @poemproducer

AGF aka poemproducer is the artist name of Antye Greie-Ripatti. Born and raised in East Germany. AGF is a vocalist, digital songwriter, producer, performer, e-poet, calligrapher, digital media artist and curator. She is known for artistic exploration of digital technology through the deconstruction of language and communication.

#electronicmusic #music

Last week's episode was the sixth in our 2017 series. It's packed with 13 great tracks, and not too harsh this one! Would recommend. 👂

Last week's episode was nb 122, fifth one in the NLD2017 series, and it was all from the Into the Rift vol. 2 compilation released by . ->

Last week's episode was nb 121, fourth one in the series. You can stream and follow the links here:
Tonight's show, in about seven hours, will be the fifth one in the series – most likely out of seven!