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studio d'essai

The playlist and the stream for our latest episode are up:
Next week, it will be post-rock, with the band Molecules to Mind in the studio. Take care, folks.

In 3 minutes, you can livestream studio d'essai 107 – special IRMxTP:;stream

Last night's episode is all music, because their are getting the boot from my hard-drive:

In about twenty minutes, episode 106 will be the first "Purge" episode. The Residents are getting purged. Stream here:;stream

No show tonight, but if you're bored, why not listen to a show you missed in the last two months? Or an oldie like this Netlabel Day 2016 mix:
See you next week!

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@Monplaisir released an album that is also a proud #nonbinary #genderfluid outing.

They release tons of music for the #Commons on their #Bandcamp if you want to have a browse.

Congratulations and <3 !

studio d'essai partagé

Hey, I started a #Riot room (i.e. on the #Matrix network) dedicated to sharing artistic, cultural and educational material from the #Commons. Please join to share the most valuable things you find, and discover new things.

#artlibre #creativecommons #libre #shareTheCommons #copyleft #wtfpl #publicDomain

Ha, I was so quick at posting the latest episode that I completely forgot to advertise it...
Studio d'essai 102 is streamable with its (very short) playlist from the :

Finally posted the latest episode, after spending quite a bit of time adding the whole compilation to (biggest one for me so far, phew!):

studio d'essai 101 – On the Air: in music

Tonight, for episode 101, a selection of tracks from the all- artists compilation On The Air Jukebox, from . Tune in in about 90 minutes :)

Because of our radios station's usual technical issues, there is no automatically generated stream for last week's 100th episode. So here is a downloadable recording of it:
And the corresponding playlist: