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Last week's episode was nb 121, fourth one in the series. You can stream and follow the links here:
Tonight's show, in about seven hours, will be the fifth one in the series – most likely out of seven!

Last week's episode of _studio d'essai_ was the third one for Netlabel Day 2017. Listen to it and check out the playlist on

Last week's NLD2017 mix is on the website:
Tonight, listen at 22:00 AEST for our third episode for NLD2017.

Last week's episode, the first of our Day 2017 series, is finally up on the website for streaming and playlist-checking:
Tune in tonight for the second chapter!

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I am a node of syndicated libremusicians, fed up with the ways of the industry. Basically a platform operating with FOSS to the possible extend, to produce release promote & distribute music & their respective authors. I believe in music and in you. I don't believe in a fair *music-market* without a fair *market*.

Generally Sethy Bwoy is doing the copy on this account, a friendly humanoid who's @ isn't important for this #introduction

TL;DR I'm here 2 boost U

tune in in 30 minutes for – finally! – the first episode of the series celebrating the great stuff Day 2017 (!) brought us ->;stream

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Amazing MIT-licensed little interactive introduction to #waveforms, by Josh Comeau. Really recommend it to anyone who wants to understand how #sounds and #music work!

You can now stream the latest episode and peruse its playlist at your most convenient convenience. It is titled "Tiago, Tamara, Maya." and it is numbered "117". It is noisy and freaky, and it comes from and . ->

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If anyone wants my musick on bandcamp for free, get it now.

Will experiment a bit with pricing soon.

#music #mastoaudio #mastomusic

sooooorry, 1995 to 2009 is only 14 years...

Last week's show's playlist and stream are up:
With Damian, we go through nine tracks linked to of ours, and they take us to (at least) seven locations and span twenty-three years. Enjoy this one!

Tonight, join us for a trip down our own memory lane. Damien joins Steph to play tracks that remind them of special moments. Stream at 2200 AEST ->;stream

Last Thursday's show, studio d'essai cent quinze, is now on our website:
Enjoy! :)

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Webradios et plateformes de création sonore et radiophonique | #Syntone
Super sélection de programmes et stations qui démontrent que la #radio et ses expérimentations sont toujours très vivantes.