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No show today as I am stuck at home with a bad gastro. I hope everyone else is safe! Take care. :)

Yesterday's show, episode 114, is on the website. Find the stream and links for eleven tracks from eleven countries, all from the Commons except for one of them:
Enjoy, and have a lovely week! :)

The first episode of the year, studio d'essai 113, is finally available to stream (and download, which really should just be a synonym, but shhh).
We kick off the year #12018 with music from seven different countries, spanning diverse genres including , , , and . Quite a bit of in there too. Enjoy! :)

Actually, the link is now because the 1h-stream didn't work. Enjoy! :)

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Hey fediverse!

These days I'm running a xmas promotion discount at my little local #CreativeCommons :cc: netlabel Kamizdat for our special #LimitedEditions USBs, CDRs, TAPEs and t-shirts!

Use code "NY5017" for 50% discount on all our merchandise till the end of the year

Digital is free/name-your-price, as always! :cc: :by: :ccshare: :nceu:

#electronicmusic #creativetoots #packaging #design #music #art

Tonight is a re-run of last week's mix, because holidays etc, but great news: the playlist is up, and you can listen to the whole 90-minute mix whenever you feel like on our website:

This evening, for studio d'essai 112, tune in to listen to a mix of , and quiet , all sourced from the . Stream live in seven minutes:;stream

Thursday's show, number 111, is up:
Damian joined Stéphane to share some of his favourites and talk streaming radio, and the evolution of music distribution on the Internet.

We're on air for an hour of music selected by our friend Damian! You can livestream studio d'essai 111 by following this link:;stream

In two minutes (22:00 AEST), you can livestream studio d'essai 109 for some and from the commons:;stream

studio d'essai partagé

so what do you linux-users and free/libre open source software evangelists on masto think?:

if I make a track in Renoise (proprietary, closed source) on my UbuntuStudio Linux in an otherwise completely FLOSS ecosystem (Ardour, SuperCollider, ffmpeg, bash, Firefox, Awesome window manager, PCManFM file explorer, etc etc), should I or shouldn't I tag that track with #artwithopensource ?

maybe it's more appropriate to use #linuxaudio and #linuxmusicians and #linuxartists ?

The playlist and stream of the latest episode, nb 108 with , are up on the website:

In two hours (22:00 AEST), you can livestream studio d'essai 108, with the band in the studio:;stream

The playlist and the stream for our latest episode are up:
Next week, it will be post-rock, with the band Molecules to Mind in the studio. Take care, folks.

In 3 minutes, you can livestream studio d'essai 107 – special IRMxTP:;stream