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Sylvie.Photos a partagé
Sylvie.Photos a partagé

Teacup ride at the abandoned Nara Dreamland in Nara, Japan. Photo by Romain Veillon.

Sylvie.Photos a partagé

I just released my new game, Daedalus Demise! Check it out on timkrief.itch.io/daedalus-demi

It's available, of course, on Linux, but also on Windows and Mac OSX. If you play, tell me what's your best score (mine is floor -12) and rate it 5 stars if you liked it 🙂

Could you boost this toot fediverse so that the launch get some exposure? Thanks 😅

Sylvie.Photos a partagé

Check this episode out, it was a really interesting episode to record and I hope you guys get as much out of it as I did #GameDev #Godot

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#50 Life Of A Full Time Indie Dev - feat @TimKrief@twitter.com #Podcast youtu.be/HFS6s2vRJ_Y

🐦🔗: twitter.com/TechOverTeaShow/st

Sylvie.Photos a partagé

Just got done recording an episode with @timkrief, it should be out next Tuesday on Odysee and Thursday everywhere else. This was a really fun episode, especially so if you want to dig into the mindset of a solo indie game dev.

Le petit homme fait de poudre de lune prit la main tendue et s'écria "It's snow time!"


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