in C. say you have a struct with a char*. you want to return a dynamic array of struct. who is responsible of the allocated array of struct ? who is responsible of each struct's char* that was also malloced?

do you have any best practice advice for C please ?

migrating from C++ where things were easier. thanks :)

Est-ce que quelqu’un connait un bon client web framapiaf sans infinite scroll ? :)

All communication in #signal goes through these tech giants: Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Cloudflare
Just texting goes through Amazon.
Group chat will also go through Google.
#GAFAM is toxic to free software, supports mass surveillance and a lot other very bad things. Supporting such companies means also supporting their culture and their dominance. It's never just about the privacy of a single person.

When a billionaire who wants to put computers in people's brains (and puts them in pigs' brains already, who doesnt mind miliary coup in Bolivia in order to get his lithium, who plans on sending the richest to Mars once Earth will have been fully plundered...

When this guy recommends to use a specific US piece of software, everybody trusts him, and feels reassured about the aforementioned software, right?


Hello, je cherche une alternative à flex/bison qui soit multiplateforme (compatible msvc). idéalement, un projet sans/avec peu de dépdences que je puiss ajouter tel quel. c'est pour "advent of code" day 7 :) merci d'avance !

💰Free until: Dec 18
🎮 Title: Prison Architect
📜️ What's: A high-security prison construction and management game
🎁 Download it on:
🎬 Video:
🐘 From:
🔖 #linux #freegame

@ploum @ploum @ploum (pourquoi il y a 3 ploum?) super cliffhanger je pensais que tu avais trouvé la solution à la fin, et là l'article se termine !

Hi #fediverse

I created a new variation of our Pyramids of Humane Technology that depicts the two opposing pathways we people might walk together:

- A path of awareness and building humane technology solutions: A path towards Flourishing.

- A path of ignorance and increasing Big Tech domination and harms: A path towards Dystopia


PeerTube needs about 13k more to reach that €60,000 / Live streaming feature!

A free as in freedom decentralized video sharing and soon possibly even streaming platform.

The fine developers of Framasoft have a roadmap for version 3.0 of PeerTube.

It includes all the things one needs to ditch Youtube!

Read about it via link & please support if able. We are almost there.

#framasoft #peertube #stream #p2p #youtube #deletegoogle #libre @Framasoft #deleteYouTube


Le réseau social de l'avenir : Pas d'annonces, pas de surveillance institutionnelle, conception éthique et décentralisation ! Possédez vos données avec Mastodon !