Splidejs - Splide is a flexible and lightweight (26kB) slider written in TypeScript. It helps you to create various kinds of sliders by just changing options, such as multiple slides, thumbnails, nested sliders,... splidejs.com

Motion One - A new animation library, built on the Web Animations API for the smallest filesize and the fastest performance. motion.dev/

Pollen - Pollen is a library of CSS variables for rapid prototyping, consistent styling, and as a zero-runtime utility-first foundation for your own design systems. Heavily inspired by TailwindCSS. pollen.style/

jlottie - jlottie is a Lottie player written in javascript with an aim to have the smallest possible file size. jlottie is suitable as a general purpose lottie player, though implements a subset... lottiefiles.github.io/jlottie/

Azimutt - Azimutt allows you to explore your schema: search for relevant tables, follow the relations, hide less interesting columns and even find the paths between tables azimutt.app/ by @azimuttapp@twitter.com

DaisyUI - Free Components libraryfor utility first CSS frameworks. daisyui.com/ by @Saadeghi@twitter.com

Commentator - Commentator is a simple application which provide all you need to have a powerful commenting system on your blogs or websites. commentator.mcorbin.fr/ by @_mcorbin@twitter.com

The Ultimate Guide to Browser-Side Storage - It’s usually necessary to store user data server side in a database or similar repository. This guarantees... blog.openreplay.com/the-ultima by @craigbuckler@twitter.com

Slinkity - Slinkity is a plugin that can extend any 11ty site. Unlocks component frameworks (React, Vue, and Svelte) for writing page templates and layout templates. Includes powerful... slinkity.dev/ by @slinkitydotdev@twitter.com

Thinking About The Cut-Out Effect: CSS or SVG? - In a recent front-end project, one of the components included an interesting cut-out effect. There are multiple ways to... ishadeed.com/article/thinking- -out Effect by @shadeed9@twitter.com

Totaljs - You can create a Total.js server-side application with the help of Total.js AppBuilder. It's effortless and very comfortable. A significant advantage is a design... totaljs.com/appbuilder/ -Code .js Source by @totalframework@twitter.com

Ferdi - Ferdi is a messaging browser that allows you to combine your favorite messaging services into one application. getferdi.com/

Excellent Free Tutorials to Master Programming - A curated list of tutorials. Better than that. A curated list of the finest free tutorials. linuxlinks.com/excellent-free-

Petite-Vue - petite-vue is an alternative distribution of Vue optimized for progressive enhancement. It provides the same template syntax and reactivity mental model with standard Vue. However, it is... github.com/vuejs/petite-vue -Vue by @youyuxi@twitter.com

Responsible Web Application - With modern HTML and CSS, we can create responsive and accessible web apps with relative ease. In my years of doing software development, I have learned some... responsibleweb.app by @iamjoyheron@twitter.com

Chart.css - Charts.css is a modern CSS framework. It uses CSS utility classes to style HTML elements as charts. chartscss.org/ .css by @RamiYushuvaev@twitter.com

77 CSS Animation Examples - Collection of free HTML and CSS animation code examples. Update of June 2020 collection. freefrontend.com/css-animation by @FreeFrontend@twitter.com

Tinyschool - Tinyschool helps developers learn new skills, get mentorship, build real-world projects and find a job in top global teams for free. tiny.school/ by @tinyschoolhq@twitter.com

Rome - Rome is a linter, compiler, bundler, and more for JavaScript, TypeScript, JSON, HTML, Markdown, and CSS. rome.tools/ by @rometools@twitter.com

FlexSearch - Web's fastest and most memory-flexible full-text search library with zero dependencies. github.com/nextapps-de/flexsea


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