Head of Web Design - Carpe is looking for a 15hr/wk web designer (graphic design and implementation into front-end code). Carpe is a... Carpe / Chapel Hill, NC (Remote) dribbble.com/jobs/17629-Head-o by @CarpeLotion@twitter.com

Backend Developer - As well as helping to maintain and update an exciting catalogue of bespoke projects, you will get to develop... Climb / Gateshead, UK climbcreative.co.uk/blog/were- back by @climbcreative@twitter.com

YGLF Lithuania Vilnius, Lithuania May 16th, 2019 -> May 17th, 2019 - YGLF is a series of community events built by developers for developers, a non-profit conference aimed at delivering high-quality... lithuania.yglfconf.com/ by @yglf_lt@twitter.com

Codeland conf New York, USA Jul 22nd, 2019 - Technicals talks, workshops, and an evening afterparty sponsored by GitHub. Whether you're a year into your first dev job or you're finally considering a coding... codelandconf.com/ by @CodeNewbies@twitter.com

11 Awesome JavaScript Extensions for Visual Studio Code - James Quick has selected for us eleven JS extensions for your Visual Studio... scotch.io/bar-talk/11-awesome- by @jamesqquick@twitter.com

LoRa Server - The LoRa Server project provides open-source components for building LoRaWAN networks. Together they form a ready-to-use solution, including an user-friendly web-interface and gRPC and REST APIs. loraserver.io/

Apexo - The open source ecosystem is awesome and Apexo is a good example. Apexo keep your dental clinic records at your finger tips with a beautifully designed application that meets most needs of any dental clinic. apexo.app/

Lollipop - The Lollipop Cloud project is an attempt to make hosting personal internet services such as a website, contact list, remote file storage, or a calendar more accessible to users through open... lollipopcloud.solutions/

Leon - Leon is an open-source personal assistant who can live on your server. He does stuff when you ask for it. You can talk to him and he can talk to you. getleon.ai/ by @louistiti_fr@twitter.com

UnDraw - UnDraw provides tons of open source illustrations to design your landing page, corporate website or whatever you want. undraw.co/illustrations by @undraw_co@twitter.com

Seroscope - Serposcope is a free and open-source rank tracker to monitor websites ranking in Google and improve your SEO performances. serposcope.serphacker.com/en/ by @serphacker_en@twitter.com

Podmap - Podmap is an open-source app whose goals are: to map the world’s podcasts, to help you discover podcasts produced near you and to help you discover where your favorite podcasts are created. podmap.org/ by @inorganik@twitter.com

HTML slides without frameworks, just CSS - In this post, Chen Hui Jing,front-end designer and developer, shows us in detail how to build a minimalist HTML/CSS slides. chenhuijing.com/blog/html-slid by @hj_chen@twitter.com

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🚀 Just set up an official Discord server for @tailwindcss@twitter.com! Come hang 🤙🏻


🐦🔗: twitter.com/adamwathan/status/

Ovide - Ovide is an experimental writing and publishing tool. It is made for context-intensive and polymorphic scholarly publishing activities. It is built on the... peritext.github.io/ovide/ by @medialab_ScPo@twitter.com @univrennes2@twitter.com

Paged.js - Paged.js is an open-source library to paginate content in the browser. Based on the W3C specifications, it’s a sort of polyfill for Paged Media and Generated Content for... pagedmedia.org/paged-js/ by @pagedmedia_org@twitter.com

Termino - Termino is a alternative to Doodle and help you build a meeting poll to coordinate and share appointments. termino.gv.at/meet/en

frelm - Frelm is another way of discovering Elm packages and an alternative to the official Elm package site . With Frelm you can search libraries, modules or repositories and filter by Elm version. package.frelm.org by @rgrempel@twitter.com

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