Vendure E-commerce - A modern, headless GraphQL-based e-commerce framework built with TypeScript & Nodejs. by

Yasumi - Yasumi is an easy PHP library to help you calculate the dates and names of holidays and other special celebrations from various countries/states. by

Quick and Easy Dark Mode with CSS Custom Properties - Giving users a dark theme option can be beneficial for accessibility, as some people experience headaches... by

Roadrunner - RoadRunner is a high-performance PHP application server, load-balancer, and process manager written in Golang.

Uptime Robot - Downtime Happens. Get Notified! 50 Monitors, Checked Every 5 Minutes, Totally Free!

Snippet generator - Snippet generator for VSCode, Sublime Text and Atom. by

Open Source - Social Network - Tired of Facebook, Instagram & Twitter selling your data? Create your own social network website with this Open source social network. by

JavaScript algorithms - A repository for All algorithms implemented in Javascript (for educational purposes only).

Snowflake - Graphical SFTP client and terminal emulator with helpful utilities. by

Old CSS, new CSS - Here’s a history of CSS and web design from 90's to 2020 written by Eevee. by

Typesense - Open source alternative to Algolia? Typesense is an open source, typo tolerant search engine that delivers fast and relevant results out-of-the-box. by

Beluga - Beluga is open-source software for creating your own ecommerce site. Built with React, Node.js, and using Stripe for payment processing. by

Git-Touch - Open source mobile client for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and Gitea, built with Flutter.

Electerious - A lightbox that works in all modern browsers with images, videos, iframes and any kind of HTML, has support for CommonJS and AMD, a simple API and zero dependencies. by

Oxygen Builder - Use Oxygen's unparalelled power, flexibility, and light-weight code to visually design your WordPress or WooCommerce site with ease. by

Fundamentals of TDD - You've heard about testing, and even better "Test-Driven Development", but you're still not sure exactly what they are. Well now you'll know! In this trail, thoughtbot... by

VSCode Themes - This showcase let you review VSCode themes from the VSCode marketplace.

highlight.js - Syntax highlighting for the Web. 185 languages and 91 styles, automatic language detection and multi-language code highlighting. by

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