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Hey everyone! I decided to start making monthly update videos so that people can follow my progress and get to know what I'm working on. It's also a great opportunity to interact and to use video as if I was having a monthly meeting with the viewers 😅 Hope you'll like the first iteration, let me know if you have any advise for the next months!

Youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=iFMiDOoriM
: tilvids.com/videos/watch/f0066

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There's a new video out youtu.be/_bcQldBMIxM We could ditch the pixels and keep the LowRez! LowRezJam is starting soon, so it's a fitting video
Watch it on peertube: tilvids.com/videos/watch/ca9b3

Je sais pas si je devrais poster en Français ici parfois, je ne sais pas comment Matodon gère mes tweets mais vu que je suis sur une instance française, ça doit passer devant pas mal de francophones 🤔

The best part about making indiegames, is making indiegames. But you don't do that often when you're making indiegames.

Working on a lot of different projects of mine as an indie. It's quite fun! Tho, I still sometimes feel that I should be doing something else, that "it's not the priority". I think it's something I should un-learn from the period where all of this was just side projects.

I made a web-extension to check the framerate on youtube video before clicking. It's already available on and it's gitlab.com/timkrief/Framerate-

There was no community on @Liberapay so I made one, come and join it if you are a Godot Engine Dev/User/Contributor 🙂 liberapay.com/for/Godot_Engine

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shoutout to all you fuckers creating videogames that get lost in the abyss but still do it anyway.

The only anti-homeless architecture worth building are houses.

Big news! I've just set up a Paypal donation link to support my work and I'm working on a Patreon page with cool perks and all 😊 I'm also now a Twitch affiliate with channel points and all! What other ways to receive support should I explore? 🤔

It's so complicated to earn money online and sometimes it feels even more complicated to actually get the money you earned!

Figured out I would need some logo that isn't my avatar at some point so here it is! I'm already using it for the discord server and I might use it here and there from now on 😊

Here's the details I shared during the about my game Octahedrone and how it works ! 😊

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"The effective operation of a democratic political system usually requires some measure of apathy and non-involvement on the part of some individuals and groups."
The Crisis of Democracy, Samuel Huntington 1975


So many people thinking they are talking about "new currencies" when really they seem to be talkin about good ol' speculation. If it was just a currency to exchange goods and services, why should anyone "come in early".


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