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It’s really annoying when you encounter groups of adolescent who generate too much testosterone, no matter they’re too happy or too unhappy, they just get aggressive.

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« Presque tout le temps, j’étais marrant »

Jacques Dutronc - "J’comprends pas" (JL. Dabadie - J. Dutronc, fr, 1975)


It’s freaking tiring to persuade French landlords to rent their appartement to foreigners, they just doubt everything about me.

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📌 Les archives de la revue "Économie & Humanisme" de 1989 à 2007 sont disponibles en ligne


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“He preferred the hard truth to his dearest illusions; that is the heart of .”
— Carl Sagan, "Cosmos" serie

Les hongkongais regardent le match 🇫🇷 vs 🇦🇷 dans un mall à Tuen Mun. 😆

Didn’t know Alan Rickman and Ian McKellen played in this film, Oh my god! Must see! 😱


This week : 1.received a compliant from Cartoon Network demanding me to remove a drawing with their copyrighted characters. 2.eshop has bugs, customer couldn’t pay money, reaching around to solve the problem. 3. Crous won’t let me keep my studio, coz’ i’m over 26 and they have not enough rooms for student. Looking around for place to move out. 4.didn’t make big progress on my dissertation. 5.had stomachache and couldn’t sleep well. 6. What else? :/

How to write an appropriate letter for asking un redoublement en M2 ? :/

When I saw this, I imagined happy little oysters playing around 🤣

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ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ *squeak squeak*

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"Comment faire un mauvais podcast" (Teddy Férent, 7mn, 2014)


How a bacteria catching DNA to it's body in order to speed up evolution.
(Now I believe aliens with tentacles do exist.)


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🎃 Trailer of an upcoming movie, 40 years after the original one.

Directed by David Gordon Green, from a Carpenter's proposal, this new Halloween seems to be a remake (& a tribute) - with Jamie Lee Curtis as Donald Pleasence.