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Hang around on the internet and found this:


@muchos I still have that broken camera.

And, at the end of the PV ”Church of the poison mind”of the Culture Club, Boy George was shooting with a similar kind 126 cartridge camera (probably by Kodak) :


Got two mementos but still can’t capture Saint Purrtrick😤

🔞 Catpron and foot fetishism
from Instagram @radianty.k

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[] Création de l’article "Société civile des éditeurs de langue française" (SCELF). Merci d’avance de vos améliorations !


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I discovered this online art supplier and couldn’t get rid of their logo and slogan. “Cheap Joe’s”, a name down to the earth with such a smiling face, full of positive energy, even their slogan sounds puffed : “Make more art, spend less money!”™️ I’m seriously considering to print out the image of this uncle for cheering myself up everyday.

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Emily Lau partagé

Last week, I joined two sketching workshops with nude models, one held by le musée des beaux-arts and one by an artists cannais in a bar. It was the first time l attend a workshop like this in France. I had fun and looking forward to next meeting by the end of this month. 👩🏻‍🎨

“Delicious Ginger” a snack from macau which gives you full energy.

Après trois semaines de séjour à Hong Kong, J'ai perdu la sensibilité à la langue française.