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I wanted to finish my homework but I kept having fevers and chills on and off all day🤒

Looking for some informations of James Bond movie parodies, and surprised to know there’s a French production in 1975 titled « Bons baisers de Hong Kong » (From Hong Kong with love), now I know where did Stephen Chow’s movie title « From Beijing with love » come from. 🤓youtu.be/z0JKa1ik88o

framapiaf.org/media/_HRYc9mARq so much fun to squeeze into somewhere impossible to be squeezed into... 🙄

Every time when I switch my mind to "picture mode" (When I keep drawing and making things for a longtime) I will then find it difficult to switch back to "language mode", I can't speak and write properly, especially in french !!! This is really painful ! So once I started doing homework, i must stop all "pictorial thinking", if no, I will write and talk shit like french orz, I'm really stupid. 😫

You need a job to get a visa; you need a visa which authorizes you to get a job. How can I not to be a nihilist ? 😂 Just damn it !

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Treat or trick ! ! Beware of Mister Vampire Patate ! ! 🎃👻🦇

"Illustrations" are getting less and less "illustrative". I actually got confused looking at some drawings supposed to illustrate ideas. meh...

I want to see things, some real things. Not performances.

Being lucky is really important. So if you're feeling that your life's been so easy, treasure it. Coz' one day you'll probably use up all your luck.

☆ FILM REVIEWERS REQUIRED : We are looking for independent film reviewers to join our team during 'Paris Lift-Off Film Festival 2017'.
If you have an active interest in the film industry we invite you to apply. Screenings will be held at Le Lucernaire in the evenings from October 30th - 1st November. Successful applications will get a full complimentary pass to the festival, which includes every screening, and free tickets to our locals filmmakers networking event.

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