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There is nothing really “free”, if you’re getting something for free, it just means that someone else must have paid for you.

Mister Patate and his baguette 🥔🥖🇫🇷

Business Lau is doing business. Check this out!

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-Dad, what’s wrong with you?
-I’ve got stuck in this 3D paper box...

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Tchaïkovski - Piano Concerto Nº 1, Op. 23 (1875)

I like this concerto! The opening theme always catches me; then everything's so tense & aerial — so romantic!

Great performance by Wang Yuja (2012)


What makes me frustrated is not those who have low competence, but those who refuse to improve themselves; not those who have limited resources, but those who’re wasting resources.

Seems that the designer ignores all the “bugs” in purpose and that made the game even funnier 🤣

When regular galleries take 30%-40% commission fees from artists (and aren't really promoting your works), online sales platforms and Paypal sound not that "Evil".

Étranger, peut-il être exposant d’un vide grenier ?

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« Il faut que vous preniez rendez-vous avec votre gynécologue pour nettoyer tout ça. »


Spent 3hours reading the regulations about applying "auto-entreprise" status in order to sell artworks online. And the answer is as a non UE foreign student I actually DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to do it. Merde.

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New York Philharmonic (dir. James Levine) - Fanfare For The Common Man (1991? [orig. 1942])

A very american piece of music from Aaron Copland, dedicated to a certain idea of the people, the war effort, and the power of brass.