I am currently taking a machine learning course. I am thinking to write a simple handwriting recognition software after I finish the course...
#machinelearning #AI

#Putin may secretly be on the side of #ElonMusk in their indirect debate over #AI
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@MDGarasic (on birdsite) just started discussing #technology and #ethics in an open course. Feel free to join

In the first round it's all about #AI and #Robotics. From Oct. 2 the discussion will focus on Human Enhancement.

The learning project is part of the Hamburg Open Online University where you will find various #OER (Open Educational Resources) on many topics.

The invention of #ai ‘gaydar’ could be the start of something much worse #theverge

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Dis Mastodon, tu ne connaitrais pas une bonne adresse pour une (niveau intermédiaire) ou bien sur le machine learning avec (ou autre) sur ou sa région

Merci :)

Huawei takes a swipe at Apple, promises to unveil ‘The Real #ai Phone’ next month #theverge

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Geoff Hinton wants to throw it all away (backpropagation and current deep learning):

I agree, and it's ballsy of him to say so in his position.

#AI #DeepLearning