Ui alors écouter une version chiptune de "The Crystal Gems" au boulot c'est pas forcément la meilleure idée, me voilà en train de me dandiner sur mon siège. J'essaie de rester discrète, c'est pas facile.

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#chiptune Here's a cover I re-adjusted in the last days. I remade Super Mario Land 2's Star Maze music in LSDJ. Forgive the bad intro (actualy it's better than the previous one) and the repetitiveness (I ain't a composer, sorry).

One of my favorite #chiptune artists has re-released his material on Bandcamp:

All original hardware (save for the Sinclair models which have the external AY cart, but really, why wouldn't you?)


#NP Your Heart is a Pie Chart - Roboctopus

Happy #chiptune, happy tunes. (I also just got the album mailed to me today. Right from Japan, looks like.)

looking for musical artists with free work who don't mind their work being reused, for my tiny videogames. (credit given ofc, no profit on my end, though if i ever open any for donations i would give a share as well!)

either yourself or your fav artists, cute #ambient or #chiptune especially. just found the #ccmusic tag so will be lookin thru that as well.
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RT @YoannLatzer: One more weekend projects to add to my list: a multifunction Raspberry Pi #Chiptune Player via @ha… source:

Portage en cours de Vortex Tracker II de Delphi vers Lazarus… même que ça fait du bruit :)
Mais qu’est-ce que c’est verbeux Pascal :^)
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Ok, never really played with #Pascal seriously until now… 2 days ago I thought "hey, let's port Vortex Tracker II (a #tracker for YM/AY #chiptune) from #Delphi to #Lazarus".
Now it loads files ;-)


#nowplaying Zelda: A Link to the Past - Eastern Palace on my actual #SNES #chiptune

the 90s in this is just…

I am getting wistful ❤

Hey, are there #chiptune people out there? I'd like to listen to more tracks from those good old consoles!