Pour tester le rendu, j'ai mis de l'adhésif comme un gros dégueulasse. Je trouverai un meilleur système pour maintenir les piles en place plus tard.

J'ai aussi fait des pochettes en papier, relativement baclées, pour protéger les pattes des LEDs pendant le transport.

Autrement, mon mini-stick de #Lightpainting est quasiment fini.

Les photos du rendu arriveront plus tard.
#photographie #photography #DIY

Mon prototype de mini-stick de #lightpainting, fabriqué avec 2 LEDs et un bâton de colle thermofusible (blanchâtre, pas les bas de gamme à la couleur jaune dégueulasse).

Pour la version finale, fait que je trouve un moyen de maintenir les piles en place de façon à ce que ça bouge pas d'un millimètre, tout en permettant leurs retrait facile, mais sans devoir investir dans le boitier qui va bien et attendre la livraison 6 semaines… #Photography #DIY

Merci à l'association #CREPP de nous avoir fait découvrir leur Fab'Lab/CreaLab et ses ateliers #Python, #Arduino, #Raspberry Pi et #robotique à #Ploemeur près de #Lorient ! ✌
#Rpi #FabLab #DIY

Ce weekend c'était fabrication d'un coffre à jouets en bois



inspired by your version I actually improved mine a bit. tested and it looks like this is what it is. folding is actually a bit tricky, but i guess one has to try couple of times to see where to take care.

this one is for grabs I think. maybe there should be an instructable with how to fold and insert the cd and with photos of final product(s).

#diy #cdpackaging #packaging #creativetoots

The #brahmin project.

2. Frame is welded back together, much shorter and looking very mad-maxy now. Since the entire machine is much lighter, and faster, its also bit less stable (managed to put it on two wheels when taking sharp turn). Wooden box will add few kilos and will also push the front down.

Next up, wood work and electricity.

#diy #bakbrommer

@luka hey ! I was testing it too and here is my version of a simple #diy #cd #enveloppe that I did on paper also ( photo later)
I remember that one fanimation film I participated to years ago had some concept sleaves like that too ... ;) (now with correct measure)

so i tried to make a schematic in inkscape how to fold a piece of hard paper (scheleshamer?) A4 size to get this diy packaging (see it's actually on a grid of equiliteral triangles with 72mm size of a side.

i'll share the inkscape svg and a pdf or something soon. i would love to find original designer to credit her/him.

black = cut
dashed = optional cut
blue = fold in
red = fold out

#packaging #cdpackaging #diy #creativetoots

/cc @Olm_e

J'ai vu la vidéo ! C'est vraiment fun comme construction et pas besoin de débourser énormement pour ces petits constructions. Il y a en plus une grande communauté de toutes ages ! Je pense y m'investir à la rentrée.

Our T-shirts are finally out! The pre-order batch is sent and we managed to order some extra shirts to have on stock, ready to be shipped as new orders come in. This concludes our campaign. However, the amount of shirts that were ordered during this period was not exactly as high as we wished for which forces us to really think about the future of the project.


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Depuis aujourd'hui jusqu'à dimanche à #nantes c'est le "Nantes Maker Campus"
Le truc idéal pour les bidouilleurs en herbe
#maker #diy