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In some recent group conversations about handling money, I realized that 'trust' was being used to mean two things about others: 1) that the person will keep their promises 2) that the other person will take you into account.

This is quite interesting because the first case is quite objective, almost contractual whereas the second case is much more subjective. #facilitation #group #communication

Damn, the #SocialCoop local timeline is starting to hop! Welcome, everybody!

I'm from #Vermont, and geek out on & generally like chatting about such things as #EmployeeOwnership, #PlatformCoop, #CreditUnion history, #coop investing, #facilitation, #CommunityMedia, #Gardening, and #bunnies.

Looking forward to the schemes and dreams that'll emerge from our nascent community...


Hello ! Je pars au Canada cet été (Vive les !) et je quitte mon job en France. On cherche quelqu'un pour me remplacer et je fais appel à vous !
Je travaille dans un à 30 minutes du sud de , ça s'appelle , et on cherche un qui s'y connaît en , , , !
Au programme : , , !
L'équipe est sympa, le taf passionnant, les contrats adaptables :)
Re-pouet apprécié ! Merci !