Hashtagging a few of my more obvious interests, to make them searchable:

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#fanfiction (mostly #Daria, but I dabbled in #PersonOfInterest)

Is it #introductions day? Hooray!

Hi, I'm Blake. I'm a physicist in the Boston, MA area. My PhD work was on applying physics tools for understanding stochastic processes to (highly idealized mathematical models of) biological evolution. Now I work in quantum information theory --- the useful strangeness of the very tiny.

I write #fanfiction.

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so anyway yesterday i published a little fluff F/F #fanfiction :D

"Ginny, you're home!" Luna bounced at her. "Did you have fun at practice?"
"No, that, who cares, Luna what is that?" she pointed at the thing in the middle of what was once a perfectly normal living room (or a mostly normal living room, she conceded... or just a comfortable living room). She wasn't sure she even needed to point, but you always had better be specific when asking Luna something.

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hashtag process/thoughts Afficher plus

in honor of Positivity for Ron Weasley 2k17 I'm recc'ing this #fanfiction again

it's Ron-centric and it's post-Hogwarts, and it's kinda? a casefic (Ron is deep undercover)

fic and queer (homophobia mention) Afficher plus

okay guys. back in the day I wrote #fanfiction on livejournal and was part of a bunch of fic prompt/fic exchange communities. I want to get back into that, but have no idea where those communities even are now. AO3 doesn't seem to have a ton of community aspects, but maybe I'm just selling myself short with my "don't read the comments" hardline take.

I found a Yuri!!! on Ice #fanfiction that looks promising

it has demon deals

it's cool

it was recommended by an author I trust and apparently the author writing it has good worldbuilding skills so I'm gonna follow it

J'ai fini de regarder FMA brotherhood, du coup maintenant je :
- Regarde les épisodes de la 1ere série de 2003 car sur Netflix y'a la 1ere saison de dispo (pour les feels et pour comparer les mises en scène)
- Je lis cette délicieuse fanfic MustangXEd qui est vraiment super bien écrite et un plaisir à lire #Fanfiction
#Fanfic #FMA
- Je discute de ladite fanfic avec ma compagne et on théorise sur l'univers de FMA.
- Je continue la colo de mon fanart en imaginant des fancomics que je ne dessinerait jamais.

En gros je me maintiens dans cette délicieuse bulle du fandom et c'est vraiment la meilleure sensation du monde.