This week is a sweet little chapter of Lily and Kendrick meeting together in the middle of a water-soaked road, completely with drawn swords and explosions. It ends well, as most of this novel, but it lets me enjoy my favorite weather: rain.

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For the actual chapter, head over to

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Je poursuis mon petit bonhomme de chemin sur ma chaine de production de textes. Apr猫s un passage 脿 l鈥櫭ヽriture en et l鈥檜tilisation de pour g茅n茅rer mes pdfs et mes epubs, je passe 脿 une g茅n茅ration de mon site avec .

Donc avec une seule source, j鈥檃limente toutes les destinations qui int茅ressent pour mes nouvelles de sous

Il y a encore du boulot pour optimiser le processus, mais on va y arriver. ;-)

I'm so glad #introductions is going strong again

to reintroduce myself I'm ebeth, 25-yr-old public librarian in Ohio. I'm a native yooper but grew up in Grand Rapids before coming here

I love #gameing (currently playing lots of Jade Empire & Blood Bowl) & read a fair amount of #scifi / #fantasy (finally starting The Stone Sky). I also watch a lot of trash tv

I'm chronically ill so you'll sometimes see those toots under the "health stuff" CW (hashimotos thyroiditis, celiac disease, & anxiety)

I'd better do another #Introductions post, too. In a nutshell, I'm a bookworm from England, bit of an introvert, and I tend to avoid conflict. There are a few other bits and pieces of bio in my profile, but my #Interests include...

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Petite #annonce :
Pour les amoureux de la #fantasy, de l'#imaginaire, de l'#aventure et bien s没r du #cidre, la prochaine 茅dition du #Festival #CidreEtDragon 馃嵒 aura lieu les 16 & 17 septembre prochains, 脿 #Merville-Franceville en #Normandie.

Alors sortez vos armures du grenier, drapez-vous de vos capes enchant茅es, votre qu锚te commence maintenant!

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Casca! (Band of the Falcon/Hawk)

I heard there was a new animated season of Berserk but I haven't checked it out yet. Reviews look kinda grim because of the 3D stuff mixed in again - I'd still give it a chance tho. It's interesting to see what makes the cut for the animation vs. the manga.

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My new flash fic "Sing For Me" is now up on my website. A mermaid who won't sing confronts a woman with something to hide.

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Just read or currently reading:
- Three Parts Dead, Two Serpents Rise, Full Fathom Five by Gladstone. Good, solid & entertaining #fantasy in a very original world. Plus point: books can be read independently. Will review in a couple of weeks.
- Pseudotooth by Holloway. Weird, Gothic, sometimes slightly nauseating because of the awful characters but very engrossing despite a disappointing last line. Will review in October.

Now starting An Unkindness of Ghosts by Solomon & I have high hopes.

La trilogie "Shades of Magic" de excellentissime, magie et fantastique dans plusieurs Londres

Ben voil脿, j'ai craqu茅 #kickstarter #nameofthewind #fantasy
Si vous n'avez pas encore lu Le Nom du Vent, pr茅cipitez vous dessus !!! (bon en papier il est encore cher, mais la version num茅rique est plus abordable... surtout pendant les promos Brage)

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Ca reste de la #fantasy (avec un peu plus de magie que dans Abercrombie) #VendrediLecture - Je ne peux pas trop en dire (ben oui, c'est un manuscrit...), mais j'ai du mal 脿 d茅crocher, c'est bon signe 馃槉

Olala !! David Tennant en Rampa... Ca va donner 馃槀 j'ai h芒te de voir cette adaptation de Good omens 馃槂 #fantasy #pratchett #gaiman

Here's something I made for a friend. It shows his D&D character, who is a possessed dwarf, going on a rampage. Yeah, it's pretty much as weird as it sounds.
Tried a new painting technique here, but I'm not really happy with the colour results, so I don't know whether I'll be using it in the future.
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The essential scifi and fantasy books since 1960 - A collaborative list.
Elaborated with the help of followers on Twitter (oops! Sorry, yes I'm also still there!) here are ten books per decade to catch up on the best #scifi and #fantasy classics.

Ma #VendrediLecture, c'est La Marque, tome 1 de Kushiel de Jacqueline Carey.
J'en suis 脿 un peu moins du quart, et c'est une excellente surprise. L'univers #fantasy est int茅ressant, les personnages fouill茅s et les intrigues politiques bien tordues 鈽. Il ne faut juste pas 锚tre allergique au BDSM. En plus, l'茅criture est de qualit茅, et les sc猫nes de sexe r茅ussissent 脿 ne pas tomber dans le vulgaire.
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