@woozle @eylul @egypturnash Confession: I got so pissed off at #gimp development last year I actually went back to school to relearn C programming.

I used to think "Hey, there are only six of them on the project, so cut them slack, right?" But then I thought, "Naw, hell no. There are only six of them because they keep driving people away."

Leipzig Market, Saxony, Germany (LGM2014)

While wandering around one evening in Leipzig with G'MIC creator David Tschumperle, I took some time out to shoot about 34 images to stitch into this panorama of the market.

Stitched in Hugin, multiple corrections in @GIMP to fix alignment errors, and then color + styling. Oh, and a bunch of patience! :)

#FOSS #photography #panorama #littleplanet #Hugin #GIMP #artwithopensource

on FLOSS software development issues (and CMYK) Afficher plus

on FLOSS software development issues (and CMYK) Afficher plus

@eylul @egypturnash One thing that truly made me furious about #gimp was how dev consistently blew off people by calling them "niche" users whenever they'd propose a feature that professionals expect and cannot do without. Even when people offered to code it themselves!

I want open source people to have more vision, and understand community isn't just like-minded programmers. Either we're about serving people or we're not.

@wiloma @egypturnash well in all fairness, #gimp development hit a major slump for a while and is now picking up. (and dealing with some critical missing pieces)

seriously through could you perhaps document how #krita doesn't do what you require, or rather, what your workflow is like and put it on a blog somewhere? I am not sure if any project will pick up on it, but at least if somebody wants to, they'll know what is needed and how it will be used.

Dot Eyes Shut

During #LGM 2014 we were setting up some lights to get a sample image during a workshop (we = darktable devs and Rolf Steinort from "Meet the GIMP"). Dot was kind enough to sit and be our model, and since the strobes were so bright she just kept her eyes closed...

I kinda liked how it turned out! :)

#FOSS #GIMP #FreeSoftware #artwithopensource #strobist #model #headshot #photography #creativecommons

!libregraphics RT @grmpyoldman: just finished compilation of #GMic V2 plugin for the #Gimp – worx. How-To: (scroll down to Source) #linux
Der Druckdienstleister Saxoprint hat einige #GIMP Tutorials (leider schlecht sortiert): !libregraphics

Influenced by the ppl here I for once post-processed and pixelated a picture in the #Gimp -- so I can finally use the #artwithopensource tag!
It's an old shop in a suburb of #Kyoto, #Japan. #photography

Tentative rapide de réaliser un effet #tiltshift sous #GIMP sur 3 photos prises en Italie

Fin… rapide sauf pour la 2eme photo, qui m'a pris 3 plombes pour un résultat médiocre… Vu le structure effacer le masque de flou pile au bon endroid dans déborder sur l'arrière plan demande un temps de malade… J'ai pris quelques libertés…

Into the Fog

Crewboat leaving Dauphin Island, AL.

Raw developing and B&W toning in RawTherapee (for a change), and then into @GIMP for some further pixel-pushing.


#FOSS #photo #BW #artwithopensource #monochrome #FreeSoftware #GIMP #CreativeCommons



GIMP 2.8 is a solid photo editing and graphics program as many of you already know. The work is ongoing toward the 2.10 however, and the development release is somewhere around 2.9.4 and is already quite stable.

2.9 has support for 16bit and higher, and has the #MyPaint brushes engine integrated.

GIMP 2.8 (stable) is still actively maintained and is available for Linux/Win/OS X.

As for 2.9, nightly builds are available for windows. There are the options of an unofficial PPA out there for linux that you can use at your own risk, if you don't want to build it yourself, and flatpak packages are apparently in the works.