Mist. Habe
$git checkout commit-hash
gemacht, bevor ich einne neuen Branch erstellt habe für Bugfix.
Ist jetzt commit-hash Branch.
Wie kann ich nachträglich draus separaten Branch manchen?
Kann ich im detached Head mode comitten?
Hab bisher im detached HEAD mode nur $git add . gemacht.

Möchte meine geänderten Dateien nicht verlieren.
Kann mir da jmd helfen?

-crypt : « enables transparent encryption and decryption of files in a repository. Files which you choose to protect are encrypted when committed, and decrypted when checked out. -crypt lets you freely share a repository containing a mix of public and private content. »

Kann ich zw. Commits innerhalb eines Branchs hin und her springen, wenn ich bestimmten Zustand der Files will f. Bugsuche? #git

Managed to mess up the rebase there, but noting rebasing again couldn't fix :)

#Git #OCaml

I should have gone to bed two and a half hours ago.

On the flip side, I can sync with my wife using #Syncthing, with my dad with #git-annex, and we have a #MediaGoblin instance for sharing pictures with other family members.

Will need to find/write a "Share to MediaGoblin" android app for my wife, though, if I want her to use it directly, instead of relaying through me. OTOH, relaying through me works reasonably well, too, and does not need me to write any code.