#gluonlang is inspired by #Lua and #Haskell (and #Ocaml) and is written in #Rust

that's like, the best qualities of anything ever

A bit rusty in #Haskell, it seems, I'm surprised by a library exporting the operator .:? (yes, dot-colon-question mark)

"Unfortunately, to really understand this example you need to have knowledge of applicative functors." OK, my sunday starts well. #Haskell

Even #Haskell now features _videos_ instead of texts. The world comes to an end. #dysfunctional

« Un mode de scrutin proposé par deux chercheurs français, qui sonde précisément et fidèlement l’opinion de chaque participant pour un résultat réellement démocratique. »

prototype library :

I wish Gallina (#Coq specs language) could look like #Haskell sometimes — but at least it has typeclasses, so we’re good.

> Monads are monoid (objects) in the (monoidal) category of endofunctors (which is monoidal with respect to functor composition).

this is why people hate #haskell you know

Eh, #Ocaml folks, is there something similar to #Haskell kinds in Ocaml? What is the signature for something like

```someFunc :: f a -> a```

(that is, f can be any type such as `List`, `Set` or whatever).

@Sasha C'est arrivé sur mon instance et, effectivement, comme un lien, pas comme une pièce jointe. #Haskell