#Wind #Power Is #Officially #Cheaper than #Coal-Based Power in #India

The cost of wind power has dropped to a record low in India after the government removed price regulations on the industry.

‘I still don’t understand my crime’: UP teenager jailed for Facebook posts in April seeks answers

Zakir Ali Tyagi spent 42 days in jail allegedly for a social media comment about Chief Minister Adityanath. But the FIR is silent on this.

#India #netfreedom #freespeech #democracy

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'Harmonizing system': #India forbids sex with child brides

« Last year, said the world’s 62 richest billionaires were as wealthy as half the world’s population. However, the number has dropped to eight in 2017 because new information shows that poverty in and is worse than previously thought »

Divided by religion, united by pollution

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