Me: Ah yes, #English, I am very eloquent in it, I use it 24/7, I think, write, code, breathe in English, there is no linguistic task I could not perform in it.
Also me: *spends 10 minutes searching on DDG because they can't remember the word "stubborn"*
(tbh the same happens to me in my native language? so i guess i suck at them on nearly the same level? i guess that's a good thing)

#libreidea vous pr茅sente une #ing茅nie:

AI compl茅mentaires pour parler comme un humain

au moins deux AI se compl茅mentent pour apprendre 脿 parler comme un humain

#deep, #learning, #neural, #network, #correlation, #dialogue, #speak, #language, #real, #human, #detection, #IA

#Mastodon and tackling #informationOverload :

As with Twitter, there is a huge disadvantage to anyone who wants to reach audiences in more than 1 #language .

We immediately start wasting anyone's time who either does not understand each of the languages we use, or who simply just prefer to read in a particular language.

As far as I can tell, the super exciting language filter in Mastodon settings is not working. I drown in Asian toots.

+ it's not enough by itself,
solution: #MultiAccount .


A big part of language is the schwa. It's a vowel sound but it has NO LETTER. And we use stand-in vowels that are DIFFERENT ALL THE TIME.

That is SILLY.

It would help with learning each other's languages if we could just have A SCHWA LETTER as standard. Okay?


- (EN) postman --> postm蓹n
- (FR) samedi --> sam蓹di


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ami 鈥榯o love鈥

Mi estas amata. 鈥業 am loved鈥
Ni estas amata. 鈥榳e are loved鈥
Vi estas amata. 鈥榶ou are loved鈥
Li estas amata. 鈥榟e is loved鈥
Ri estas amata. 鈥榯hey are loved鈥 (singular)
艤i estas amata. 鈥榮he is loved鈥
Ili estas amata. 鈥榯hey are loved鈥 (plural)

Source: adventuresinesperanto.wordpres

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ko mi zo'e lo rutni bangu cu tavla
o toki tawa mi kepeken toki sin!
Bite loga plan baca do mi.
Parolu al mi en planlingvoj.
Talk to me in artificial languages!

#glossopoeia #language