@wonderfall @queen @Hexalyse @xataz Sage décision, j'aurais probablement abandonné #Mastodon si tu t'étais retiré. Aussi bien ton instance que ta modération étaient parfaites. Les espaces libres attirent toujours les colons, pour le meilleur et pour le pire.

Could the mastodon cloud admin please add elliptic curve to the instance (I have no idea what it is) because this seems to be why Mastodon apps don't work on Galaxy S6 on Android 7.0


I like #mastodon yet think it has some challenges

It feels more fragmented than federated,
international is both problem and opportunity,
needs single sign on if intend to join several instances

much potential

Mastodon Cloud doesn't work on any Mastodon apps for Android for me.

I have Galaxy S6 on Android 7.0

Absolutely no app works; with each giving errors.

Does anyone who uses or any admin know any solutions? Upgrade to any other never versions of Android are out of question, this is Samsung we are talking about. It takes a long time for any update to be available. I am forced to use web app, which is tiresome.

The account @tuxmachines in #mastodon got more followers in 3 months than it got in #twitter in 3 years

Twitter is crap. It's the old tech.

I notice what totally irks me about the #Mastodon stream is content warnings.

I mean, I understand why they're there, but for me, they're an obstruction. I have no motivation at all for a second click on posts that are collapsed, just to be able to see the text.

I really, really want to have all content warnings in my timeline expanded by default. Otherwise I won't bother reading CW posts at some time anymore.

@nemsia Je tente d’éditer mon #mastodon pour changer des trucs dans l’UI j’y arrive pas, mes modifs dans les .js sont pas prises en compte.
J’ai essayé de lancer à la main les tâches du script upgrade du paquet ynh, notamment la assets:precompile je croyais que c’était ça mais ça veut pas.
Pourquoi dans le script le premier appel est sur bin/bundle et les autres juste sur bundle? Si je mets simplement bundle ça le trouve pas moi. #bidouille

Tusky (Android #mastodon app) is pretty flakey for me. Anybody else having trouble? Any recommendations?

Bonjour ! C'est mon premier post sur #mastodon ! Et je rejoins pour la première fois une instance et c'est la Volte que j'ai choisi en premier. Cc @LaVolte

En train de faire joujou avec les filtres et... Oups ! Je découvre que je pouvais déplacer les colonnes.

#Mastodon #Magique 👻

🆕I created this table of 6 Android applications below:

📌MastoPane for mastodon
📌mastty for Mastodon
📌Cosian for Twitter & Mastodon

The function list and the function compare table of Mastodon client for Android

#android #mastodon

#PSA When you post an image (or several), you don't have to leave the URL(s) in the ppost if you add other text.

How would the #mastodon community like the following:

- building a plug in so that everyone with a #fediverse account can lock into discourse
- content you write there is then streamed between the #fediverse and #discourse

some positive effects are:
- your follower can easly join in your
- you can easly join in a discussion
- conversation are structured and well searchable through discourse and federated through #mastodon and co
- it will spread popularity of fediv. and discourse

votre avis ? Créer une instance #Mastodon spécifique pour la sauvegarde du patrimoine serait-il une bonne idée ? Pour éviter ça par exemple : cela permettrait de communiquer sur le patrimoine en péril, en renovation, les nouveaux projets enfin bref communiquer.... vos avis sont les bienvenus

depuis la dernière mise à jour, la taille des colonnes est plus petite. Il y a une astuce pour les agrandir? Merci

:new: I created this table of English version. please check it.

The function list and the function compare table of Mastodon client for Android

#android #mastodon


J'aime que le réjoui
D'un grand POUET de sa vaste trompe rie

José Maria De Hérédia, J'en ai trophées, 1892

Closly everything is labled with a price. We're so used to, that for the most it's hard to imagine having it different.
Beside that price lables are excluding some from accsess by default, to decribe a value through a number is perverting the true value.

We find ourself in a world trading based on this. The consequences are globaly visable

#Mastodon does it different and has no price lable

What's the value of:

- freedom
- free speach
- federation
no one would think the answer is a number