Pour tout ceux qui veulent suivre l'évolution du redesign de #mastalab,
toutes les maquettes sont disponible sur la plateforme #opennsource (

Vous pouvez également laisser un commentaire si vous avez un avis constructif à me partager 😘

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Le petit dernier de la journée ! 😍

Concept de redesign de la modification de compte 🎨

#android #app #mastodon #design #account

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Sinon, on fait comment, pour ajouter ou réarranger des colonnes, façon TweetDeck, comme c’est dit dans l’article sur la sortie de la version 2 de #Mastodon ? o__O

It is also thanks to Evan that !ostatus hade a platform in #identica to strive on, which turned into StatusNet which is today !GNUsocial and was the network which #Mastodon could bootstrap off and to this day federates with.

Hey guys, here is the official account of the amazing Mastalab android app for Mastodon : @tom79 !

#Mastalab #Android #App #Mastodon

#マストドン#Mastodon)クライアントアプリ 機能比較表(#iPhone/#iPad/#iPadPro/#iOS)

久々に更新しました。意外とiOS11/Mastodon v2.0に対応していないアプリは無いようなので、追加する比較項目はあまりありませんでした。

:up:Amaroq for Mastodon
:up:Tootle for Mastodon

削除>Pictdon for Mastodon
削除>ImageLine for Mastodon


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Still On My Blog: Automatically boost cool toots on Mastodon with the Boost bot #Mastodon

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Est-ce que vous savez pourquoi les fils d'actualité de comptes qui sont sur d'autres instances s'affichent parfois de façon incomplète ? Des fois ça m'empêche de partager des pouêts provenant d'autres instances, parce qu'ils n'apparaissent pas dans l'interface de Framapiaf.

@Tusky Muy grata noticia saber, que este buen cliente de #Mastodon, continúa con su desarrollo.

Gracias por vuestro tiempo y trabajo para mantenerlo y tener una opción más, para navegar por esta red social desde nuestros dispositivos móviles. 👍👍

Oh mais y'aurait de la #documentation #Mastodon à traduire en français dites donc ! :-)
Découvert au hasard d'un clic sur « Guide d'utilisation » ( dans l'onglet/panneau « getting started » ( de mon instance.

It's not that my stop script for the #mastodon streaming service didn't work anymore, it's that I didn't notice that one of the 2.0.0rc versions had node crashes. Didn't happen with the release up to now.

Oct 15 22:45:21 apps kernel: [9182006.414889] node[26396]: segfault at 31317453 ip 08f16126 sp bf8e3e50 error 6 in node[8048000+1704000]
Oct 15 22:45:22 apps kernel: [9182006.791315] node[26386]: segfault at 31317453 ip 08f16126 sp bfdf9950 error 6 in node[8048000+1704000]



@JEUN @eecks glad y'all had a great day! Thanks for filling #Mastodon w your art lub😍

Been researching command-line programs/interfaces for #mastodon and #diaspora but did not find anything satisfactory. Using Web UI still.


Exactly. I have no idea what “Instance” means. I’m coming to #Mastodon NOT as a dev/tech person, but as someone who does online work & is entirely self-taught. Until I made money online, I’d never even owned my own laptop.

I took to the idea of micro-blogging, in 2009, quickly & was def the person to break it down to others, but they needed an accessible platform to be introduced to & had one, in birdsite.

I’m saying this site isn’t nearly as easy to adopt. That’s a real thing.

Rather than instances and federation, which seem like such distant terms, why not think of neighbourhoods?

A town or city has lots of little neighbourhoods. They all have their own character. Some are big, some are small. Some are full of artists, others, blue-collar workers from the nearby factory.

There's a community notice board where the neighbourhood communicates, and a bigger one that a bunch of neighbourhoods get together on.

How's that sound for an accessible metaphor?