Christian Kauhaus : « Thoughts on systems management methods » : « With , we can separate the realms of , , and cleanly within the same machine. We exercise tight control on system installation, manage runtime dependencies and databases in a convergent way and let divergence flourish where appropriate. Moreover, you can also create your own expressions to bring parts of your service deployment under congruent control. »

: « This project provides a basic system for managing a user environment using the package manager together with the libraries found in . »

« is a free and open source service programming platform using dataflow graphs. »

« A tour of » : « a beautifully crafted introduction into the programming language. »

: « An operating system generator, based on , that, given a config, outputs a small (47 MB), read-only for a -based operating system, with support for and signed boot. »

Maarten Hoogendoorn : « A step towards the future of configuration and infrastructure management with » : « We’ll start by comparing Nix with some alternatives, after which I’ll dive into a example of how to set up a local cluster. »

nix-cookbook : « This is a cookbook-style teaching tool to show how to write expressions for the purposes of packaging, system configuration, provisioning, orchestrated deployment, CI jobs, etc. »

Learn X in Y minutes. Where X=nix
is a simple functional language developed for the package manager and .

Rommel Martinez : « A Gentle Introduction to the Family »

is a distributed service deployment toolset, featuring:
- declarative distributed systems modeling
- inter-dependencies of services (with ensuring complete intra-dependencies of packages).
- atomic upgrades and rollbacks
- garbage collection removing all obsolete components
- deployment into a network of various types of machines, running various OS
- support for modules
- taking and restoring snapshots for backup and migration

« Nix Pills: Compact Edition » : « an on-going attempt to reformulate the excellent series of articles by Luca Bruno, known as Nix Pills, with the following differences in mind: a more compact, outline-based format, an attempt at a more definition-based approach ...while trying to give a more complete picture »

Sander van der Burg (2012) : « In this blog post I have covered GNU , a package manager recently announced by the GNU project, which uses under the roof to achieve its desired non-functional properties, such as transactional upgrades and reproducible builds. differs from , because it offers an internal DSL using […], instead of the expression language, an external DSL. »

-manager : « This tool is a simple wrapper around . The goal is to make it easier to use when you want to share your deployment state between members of a team. »

« My experience of using as an user » : « My opinion is that and are not only fascinating but the right way of packaging applications and configuring system. The positive side of knowing comes at an ironic cost: realising issues that should not happen any more when using other systems! […] However, the projects require quite a jump in terms of learning »

@Mallabori haha, je me disais bien aussi que t’avais déjà l’air d’être convaincu par :P. Dslé, techniquement je peine un peu à suivre les conversations sur ce réseau social, moi qui ne suis habitué qu’à :s. Du coup, si tu faisais référence à mon pwet sur , en effet, n’est pas spécifique à , mais son développement s’appuie beaucoup sur : alors bon ^^