#nsjail | A light-weight #process #isolation tool, making use of #Linux namespaces and seccomp-bpf syscall filters

Je suis un peu dépitée de devoir mendier pour la création de tickets pour donner de la visibilité à ce qui se passe. #process #workflow #outils

Whew, editing's done! Came out the far side at 8,300 words. Longer than I'd hoped, but they're good words. The best words. Some of them are even in sentences.

Now for the hardest part of the process - thinking up a title.

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Half-way through editing and I haven't even managed to shed 200 words, and I'm not seeing much opportunity to. Even at 8,400 (so far) it feels lean to me. So maybe, other than looking for economy as I go the rest of the way, I'll have to accept that this is as small as it's getting.

The good side is that I'm liking how each scene feels. After last moth's fiasco it's a real treat to enjoy how things are turning out.

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Well, according to Hemingway, I'm writing at a grade 3 level. So that's...good, I guess?

Although at one point it said my last story was readable at a grade 0 level and I'm like no, a kindergarten kid can't read this shut up.

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Day two of draft two finished successfully. Just three scenes left to rewrite, somewhere on the order of 3,500 to 4,000 words. Achievable in one day.

The fun part is, then I get to do it all over again! At least I'll have shrunk it down from 11,000 words to about 9,500. Hopefully once I've finished my third draft and edited it'll be a lean 7,500 words, or at least somewhere under 8,000.


If anyone is looking for a random sound generator, I recommend this one:

The website has a large variety of sounds available for free, and many can be calibrated to a user-defined hearing curve. There's also a very good iOS app which has fewer free sounds but functions very well. I haven't tried the Android version.

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The thing most #anarchist s and even #syndicalists get wrong about the #spanish #civil #war / #revolution is, that the important thing to learn from it is less between 1936-39 (beside there are tons of material to learn from). The most important thing to learn is, that it was a #learning #process of more than 70 years until it happenend (and they did try earlier a lot of times).

@aeris hmm pas sûr de mon coup mais je recommande de passer par subprocess.check_output( cmd, shell=1) plutôt que Popen (je n'ai plus les détails en tête par contre, je repasserai) #python #process