i have a 1 gig SD card I use for my digital audio recorder. It is perfect for what I use it for.

Is it even possible to buy a 1 gig SD card anymore? It seems 8 gigs in the Minimum.

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@shalf I wanted to write tonight, but I gotta know my limits. Chronic Fatigue sucks... :)

However, it sounds like we're going to set up some mail-list for translators for the development as well! #progress

I often wonder how millennia ago scholars, philosophers, thinkers came to certain levels of enlightenment that challenges our current state in its depth and accomplishments.

In many ways today we seek those people's guidance to find our path in a world where many things are blurred.

I think modern understanding of time and progress is flawed. We think of time as a uni-directional path to development, while it is clear this isn't the case.

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