Hello Mastodon, deux questions : pourquoi préférer à  ? Et utiliser Telegram est-il dangereux pour le secret de ma vie privée ou celui de mes interlocuteurs, ou pour une toute autre raison ?
Merci !

So #Signal introduced e2e encrypted profiles and names like you have in Wire and Telegram. But why does it have to send a notification to all my contacts ? Still based on a #stateSurveillance threatmodel not on a social-circle threat model... Oh well...

#Signal *really* doesn't want to know your social graph, or other information about you. it just wants to provide the service.

They even wrote a blog about the lengths they are going to, to avoid the problems, and how they are attempting to solve the contact-discovery problem.

#infosec #security #privacy

Technology preview: Private contact discovery for Signal just don't use #signal on a phone (back doors at lower level)

Okay, I am gonna say it: I am annoyed that my primary way of using #jabber is via #Conversations.

I love Conversations, by the way. And I also love #OMEMO. But I can't find a desktop client that properly supports it. Even #Gajim's plugin died on me a couple months ago.

I get all the stuff *I* like from #Signal, except I am still stuck on my phone.

Fuck #Google! Now one cannot use fir example #Signal with #Chromium, no one has to use shitty Google's Chrome just to use the #Signal webapp. 😡

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« Use Tor, Use Signal » est un slogan que l’on voit de plus sur les réseaux sociaux. Ce slogan se veut une recommandation à destination des militants se coordonnant via Internet. En France, une remarque revient souvent suite à ce slogan : « Et Silence alors ? ». #Silence est un outil différent de #Signal, avec un fonctionnement et un usage qui lui sont propre. Voyons donc ce qui les rassemble et ce qui les sépare.

#chiffrement #privacy #android

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